Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Faux Metal Industrial Letters

Last week I showed you how I had spruced up the dresser in the master bedroom (see more about that here), and I promised I'd show you how I did the industrial looking letters.

I started with these cardboard forms from Hobby Lobby.  Originally $2.47 each, but they were on a 50% off sale that week.

I used a variation of the faux galvanizing technique from the Ikea kitchen canisters makeover.  I experimented on the back of them until I came up with the look I was going for.  

I started out by painting the entire thing with the Gun Metal Gray metallic paint.

Then I used a sea sponge type of thing and randomly sponged black all over.

I didn't get a good picture of this last step because the paint was drying so fast on that cardboard that I had to work quickly to achieve the look I wanted.  But I mixed a little regular gray craft paint in with the metallic paint and lightly smudged that all over (working in small areas at a time).  Then I used a damp paper towel to work it into the textures and to also remove some of it.  This left some areas with a bit of a dull aged appearance, and some areas still had some shine to it from the metallic paint.  

I finished them off by very lightly brushing some Burnt Sienna craft paint on to the edges to give the appearance of rust.

In this side shot you can really see how there was a bit of shine left in some areas.  I think that helps lend to the authenticity of them.

Pretty easy to do and total cost was $2.47 for two of them since I already had all the paint.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you use it for a project of your own be sure and let me know.  I'd love to see how it turns out!

(Tutorial of the topiaries can be seen HERE)


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  1. Stephanie,

    You really have a knack for painting! I love the galvanized canisters too. I've spent the morning looking at your blog, luv it!

  2. Great tutorial! I was loving your letters in the last post, but had no idea how doable they really are - thanks for sharing you tips! :-)

  3. Wow, incredible transformation! Those metal letters are so expensive at the flea market by us. Certainly more than the couple dollars you paid for them! Great post!

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