About Me

Hi and welcome to my "farmhouse."  My name is Stephanie and I've been happily married to the love of my life for 12 years and we have two beautiful children that I love being at home with.  I am a Bible believing Christian and I cherish my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

With only one income, and trying to turn our newly purchased acreage in northwest Florida into a farm of sorts, my decorating adventures have to be kept on a very small budget.  It's a fun challenge.  Thrifty decorating has become my passion, and I love incorporating second hand finds into my style.  I would say my home is made up of about 98% secondhand treasures.  It's all a combination of Farmhouse, Rustic, and Vintage.

People have questioned the name of my blog since I don't actually live in an old farmhouse.  Allow me to explain.  The - there's only one home that's mine. Cozy - above all I want everyone to feel cozy, comfy, and welcome in my home.  Old - I love ALL things old, 2nd hand, and vintage. "Farmhouse" - It's in quotation marks because we don't actually live in a farmhouse per say, but I love that style and that's how I want my home to feel.  We actually live in a doublewide manufactured home that's a few years old, but little by little I'm transforming it into a farmhouse.

I enjoy sharing my junkin' adventures and passion for frugal decorating. I'm inspired by so many of you and if I could ever inspire even one person that way, that would be the cherry on top.

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