Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cutest {Junkiest} Vintage Cabin...Ever!

Ok, so some of you already know that Hubster and I recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary and we were able to go on a little anniversary getaway, just the two of us!  When I was searching for a cabin to reserve I knew we had to have this one as soon as I laid eyes on the pictures of it. No matter that it was an hour away from the area we originally were looking at, 'cause this one had my name all over it!  I spotted vintage, and "junk", and repurposed items and I was in love!  And I knew I was going to have to share it with you.  

Warning - there are tons of pictures because there was just so much to look at and so many great things.  Bear with me 'til the end, it'll be worth your time I promise.

It's a set of 4 cabins called Big Rock Cabins in Beaver, OH (a.k.a. The Middle of Nowhere), and each one is completely private and quiet.  This particular cabin was called Gobbler's Knob.

All 4 cabins are decorated in a similar style, but each with their own unique items and arrangements.

So this is looking at the front door.  Dining area to the left and kitchen to the right.  Notice the exposed lighting?  It just added to the quirkiness of it all.

 We'll start with the kitchen.

A vintage Hoosier cabinet filled with lovelies was a great focal point.  Notice the sign on the storage room door?  Just plain fun and humorous.  Keep your eye peeled for plenty more humorous things.  If you're observant, you'll get a good laugh just like I did.

This cabin came equipped with almost everything, all we needed to bring was food and clothes.  They thought of everything!

An old saw blade turned into a pot rack, old ice tongs/picks turned paper towel holder, and copper piping becomes a towel rack.

A cute little cast iron 2 burner stove.

Awesome sink!  One of the other cabins has a similar sink pictured, and says that it was some sort of pump from a firetruck.  I don't know this for sure, but I would suspect a similar story for this one.

Now on to the dining area.

A shelf full of vintage goodies, very nicely arranged I might add.  Notice the speaker under there?  They had a great Bose sound system wired inside as well as outside on the deck.  So you could hear your music while outside eating, or soaking in the hot tub, or relaxing by the fire pit.  Very nice feature.

Now in looking back at this picture I realize that I never even noticed the little scooter up there.  I guess my eye was drawn to all the tins and the wood boxes and I somehow skipped right over it.  Too cute!

Now, here we are looking from the dining area into the living room area.  See that fun red chair there in the corner?

An old barber's chair!

Seriously, how fun is that?!?

The cabin came stocked with a great selection of movies and a few games.  The entertainment center was an old Singer sewing machine table.

I'm sure this cozy little stove would be romantic lit up on a cold evening.

A nice comfy couch for curling up and watching movies.  A great side table made from a whiskey barrel.  Notice the other barrel supporting the kitchen counter in the background?  Lovely old touches of vintage everywhere.

I couldn't tell you what exactly this apparatus is holding up the ceiling fan, but it was way cool!  My guess is that it's something from an old barn, but I'm not positive.

This whole side of the cabin was a huge picture window.  It was beautiful and such a relaxing thing to see first thing in the morning.

Climbing up two stairs from the living room we enter the bedroom area.

You're sitting there grinning aren't you?  I have to be honest, it made me laugh!

Notice the little spots all over the wall and the bed in the picture above?  That's because....guess what was hanging over the bed?!?

A disco ball!!  LOL!!  Quirkiness - I love it!

When we arrived at the cabin they had soft romantic music playing and the disco ball was already spinnin'!  : )

The bedside table was made of an old box and maybe an old cooler?

An old church pew sat in the bedroom area as well, and one neat feature was tucked in below all those bottles up there on that beam.  There was a light tucked down in there and at night it looked really pretty reflecting up through all that colored glass.

Ok, now we're at the bathroom and I think it had some of my favorite features.

An outhouse styled commode, complete with warning signs that made me giggle once again!    Flushing involved pushing the "waste" button on the wall.

I love love LOVED this sink!!  Copper piping spiraled down into a funnel, which led into a small whiskey barrel with a spout, that drained into a copper bucket, that was set on top of a large whisky barrel.

BUT...the handle on the spout was not what turned the water on.  On the wall next to the sink was a pull cord and a board with 3 handles sticking out.  You pulled the cord and hooked the loop around whichever temperature of water you wanted and that's what turned the flow of water on!  I was so in love with that feature for some reason.  I had never seen anything like it and it was just so unique.

The pull cord ran up through an old pulley and then into the wall.

The whiskey barrel had a little "secret" door that held clean towels and extra necessities.  Another set of ice tongs held the tp.

Another favorite feature was the watering can turned shower head!  Just so cute!  

Industrial lighting and a shower rod made from bent steel piping.

Inside the shower was this little bucket for holding soap and things.  I always love me some galvanized!

Outside, the deck had a nice little table that we used for every meal, and a great grill that we made use of, too.

Another fun sign.

The other side of the deck had a wonderful hot tub complete with a little rubber ducky.  I just love the owner's sense of humor!  It was the perfect way to relax after a day of hiking in the local sate forest areas.  And see that bird feeder in the background?

It was usually occupied by these sweet little finches.

And the lighting out there on the porch was a combination of a garbage can lid and a Mason jar!  Just fun little touches everywhere you looked.

Down off the deck was a little fire pit area.  We never did make use of this, but it would've been fun had we stayed another night.

These cabins are about an hour from the Hocking Hills State Forest area, but the property that the cabins are on has it's own private hiking trails.  This picture was taken from Turkey Rock looking out towards Big Rock, a 200ft rock that we had hiked to the top of the day before.

See the little red enamelware pot on the table?  I bought that at a yard sale on the way to the cabin (Oh yes I did. We stopped at 3 sales on the way there, lol!), and decided to leave it as a gift to be added to the decor if they wanted.

This cabin was just so completely my style and I had so much fun just staring and soaking in every little detail.  Hubs and I had a great time and it was a special way to spend our 10th anniversary.

I hope you had fun checking out this awesome, quirky, "junky", vintage cabin and I would highly recommend it if you ever wanted to visit in person.


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  1. Oh. my. goodness! How awesome! Someone has put a lot of thought and work into that cabin. I'm gonna have to go back over the pictures several times to 'get it all'. :) Love the ice tongs holders! And that's a hay trolley holding the ceiling fan, I think. It looks very much like a contraption that is out in our barn. Not sure exactly how they work though. (I've threatened hubby that I'm gonna 'rob' it from the barn when I find the right thing to do with it.) :) I am definitely going to have to keep this place in mind! What an awesome find! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!

  2. What a neat little place! Definitely right 'up your alley' :) The owners really outdid themselves! It would be neat to see the decor of the other cabins!
    Good picture of you and Robert, too!

  3. Loved the tour, thank you! What an adorable little place to visit. I loved everything but one will stand out as I tell my husband about this, the galvanized watering can shower head. Made me smile. Again, thank you.

  4. WOW!!! Creative heaven :)
    What a fun place to kick your feet up and relax.
    Thanks for sharing all the pics.


  5. That cabin was amazing. There is a fortune in cute finds there. I shared this blog with my daughter who is a queen of repurposing around here. She will definetly love it.

  6. Wow! What a fun place! My mother shared this with me. I am your newest follower. :) Terry from The Vintage Bricoleur

  7. Seriously, that is the cutest get away I have ever seen. I love it. And I am going to steal the ice tongs idea since I have some and never knew what to do with them.

  8. Cute!!! Love the mason jar/garbage can lid light and the watering can shower head - these are way too much fun!

  9. wow...i love the cabin. i can't imagine how much fun you had there!!..;-) thanks for showing us the pictures, i love all the neat little things that were there.


  10. That is just adorable...every bit of it....I would love staying there...and Happy Anniversary!

  11. What a fun place! I cannot even believe that bathroom ;) Seriously how much fun they must have had designing these cabins. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Love the decorative touches in this cabin. Lots of whimsy for sure.
    I'd love to stay in a cabin like that. The bathroom was very unique...never seen anything like it.

  13. This is right up to my style...junky cabins...I've seen another blogger with a similar cabin style...very cute decor...wish I lived closer....Miss Pat from Corn in my Coffee-Pot is a blogger buddy...thanks for sharing...Funky Junk Interiors (Donna) and I are blogger buddies too and she linked this to Facebook...that's how I found
    I also put a link in my blog to yours today!
    Mel's Designs 'n Harmony

  14. Happy anniversary!! many great ideas!! I'm surprised you could have "rested" at all...I would have been too inspired to sleep :) I think that watering can shower head is my clever! Thanks for the tour! Laurel

  15. This is just totally unreal. I loved seeing everything. Way too cute. Hugs, Marty

  16. Wow, such a cool tour! And I was all over that shower head! So fun!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 141. :)


  17. I seriously enJOYed the tour of this cabinet. Someone had an amazing imagination. Thanks for posting and letting us know where this place is located so we can try to find it and enJOY it.

  18. Oh, Wow, my kind of place . I just found your blog and love it. I'd like to subscribe via email, if that's possible. I didn't see any place to do that.

    1. Carla, I've now added the "follow by email" option. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  19. Wow! I've lived Cincincinnati for 43 years and had no idea there was anything like this around. I'd love it but could you get ESPN on the TV? That is the only way I'd get my husband near the place. Married 10 years? You must have been a child bride! Thanks for sharing, great photos...

    1. I stayed in this cabin with my wife last month. There isn't any ESPN, no TV channels at all in fact, and no internet. But I made do just fine.

    2. For some reason I just noticed this reply to Stephanie's post of the Gobbler's Knob Cabin where she and her hubby stayed a few years ago. It made me laugh out loud because honestly I had NO idea where it was going to end up. Ha! We don't have TV reception, but we do have radio, can hook up portable satellite radio and make it available for all our guests to use our Wifi if needed. Hope to see you back at Big Rock Cabins!!

  20. Stumbled across your blog from someone pinning the shower head idea. This place is hilarious in a good way :) They are definitely someone with an imagination. Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is just over the top creative & so fun!!

  22. OMG, this is just over the top awesome! Stephanie, you are an artist with both your photographs and your commentary. I wish you were closer so I could give you a huge hug so you HAVE to come back soon! We are so proud of our cabins, and so glad when people come and enjoy their stay, but when somebody gets it.....REALLY gets it, it just makes our hearts burst with joy. I am going to send this Pinerest site to EVERYBODY I know. Oh heck, I am sending it to lots of people I don't know too:-)
    We have been without power since Friday, so I'm especially glad your stay was before that. You will be hearing from Erin soon. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  23. Wow you have the most amazing home love everything looking at the outside I ouwld have never guess it was this neat

  24. Wow just realized this is in Southern Ohio thank you for sharing Stephanie would so love just to go and tour and just touch everything

  25. Wow...thanks for the tour of the cabin! So many wonderful ideas I would have been going crazy. My husband and I stayed in a little cabin in Hocking Hills for our honeymoon that was really cute too. I just love all the great details.

  26. Great job of capturing some very cute and ingenious decorations, lights, and concepts for creative reuse of salvage and antiques. Good photo job.
    That is a beautiful location and it looks like it would have some fascinating people decorating it and running it. Thanks for the view

  27. I have to share this with you. Someone I happen to follow on Pinterest (not anyone I know IRL) pinned your pic of the shower head. I thought gee, that looks like the cabin we just stayed in. So I clicked over to your blog. Not only did we just celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the exact same cabin, but I had read your diary entry about leaving the enamel pot and looked around for it. To randomly find your blog now is just amazing! lol It's a small world, right?

  28. Thank you for this lovely tour of an adorable cabin! I was linked to this through my tumblr feed. I definitely want to check this place out for real!

  29. Thankyou for the tour I have loved going through the different pages you have your ideas are great I can see you really put your heart and soul into it My husband just did our garage up in old carpenter tools and old pails and cans we also have had lots of comments on itHe put pine on the walls then add his treasures to the wall alot of old things bring back alot of child hood memories please keep posting your ideas now that I have seen your pages I will keep looking to see all the stuff you put up as it is very interesting.someone had the shot of the shower can on facebook and I am so glad I checked it out

  30. wish there were better bath room and shower pictures . fromwhatwe can see it seems like it would be cute.

  31. This is so fun! We are into finding ways to repurpose past treasures. Thanks for the tour.

  32. That is very cool! I very much enjoy the tour. I love it when places or events have all sorts of unique touches to them.

  33. I found you thru the showerhead pin as well. This cabin is wonderful. I love the galvanized tub suround. Adding that to my list of must haves for a future cabin. Thanks for sharing.

  34. HAPPY TENTH!!!! I am guessing by the date of the comments that perhaps your anniversary is in June; our 5th was June 17th.
    I agree with Lorie, you must have been a child bride of what?...14 maybe?!? You look so young & lovely, Steph!! 8-)
    & I totally agree with you on that cabin: the decorator has a WONDERFUL eye, everything is so aesthetically pleasing & there are a load of terrific & innovative ideas...but that bathroom sink is just TOO COOL!!!! 8-)

  35. My mama's family is from the Hocking area, I can't wait to look for this when I take her "down home" so she can show me where I'm supposed to take her remains . . . somewhere called the "Rim of the World."

  36. That is awesome! Glad you guys had such a great time in this cozy little place which was a step back in time.

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  39. My husband and I also spent time at Big Rock Cabins. We also spent a lot of our time studying and taking pictures of our cabins we were at. Just loved the whole experience. I'm glad you also enjoyed your stay. Our stay sparked several ideas on how to remodel our home. What's truly inspiring is those cabins are all made from recycled materials. Windows from a hospital going to be updated and remodeled. I think that's what creates the charm of those cabins. Thank you for posting your experience.

  40. I have to go see these places. The ideas are just filling my head. I have an old cabin that is coming along, with a lot of great antiques that need fun homes like this. Thank you for posting these photos. :) Glad you had a good anniversary.

  41. Each and every thing in the picture looks so amazing and awesome.

  42. I absolutely LOVE the exposed lighting. Also, I agree with Sauna.

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  44. I wish you had fun verifying out this amazing, unique, "junky", vintage cabin and I would extremely suggest Junk House Clearance London if you ever needed to visit. Love it.

  45. Absolutely lovely! I like different peoples' styles. They either inspire me or just turns me completely off course. "I have seen some crazy ones out there!" But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And yours is truly amazingly beautiful.

  46. Just luv it ! got some great ideas for our old farm house here in Australia

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