Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Big Project in Progress!!

 I am SOOOO very excited you guys!! 
I just had to share a sneak peak at what's happening at the farmhouse this week!  I hinted at it on the Facebook page and said it was a HUGE project.  Well, it's not HUGE like an addition onto the house huge, or a whole kitchen renovation huge,'s huge to me for two reasons.  A) it's bigger than most of the projects I blog about, and B) I've been dreaming of this for almost 2 years so it's HUGE to me!!  :D

If you've been with me awhile you may remember a post from around 2 years ago when I painted our living room area and Hubby tore down some walls in our house.  If you're newish around here then let me fill you in real quick.

This little walled in area was originally supposed to be the dining room and this is how it looked when we first bought this house.  BUT....this area is right off the living room and around the corner from the kitchen.  Say what???  Such a weird set up!

The above picture is standing in the living room looking towards the "dining room."  

We knew right away there was no way that made any sense and we relocated the dining room to what was originally the family room next to the kitchen.  I know right?!?  WHO designed this place??  Anyways, one week while the kiddos were gone to their grandparents I got busy painting the whole living room and weird room area.  Hubs decided to go ahead and demo the strange 3/4 wall that same week and get the space opened up.

Here's what it looked like after being painted.  You can see I didn't have time to finish the rest of the trim work that week, it happened much a year later, lol!

In that previous post I shared my vision for this wall/window area. 
I was dreaming of a wall of built-ins to give this area some functionality.  It could hold homeschooling books and the cabinets could hide craft supplies and photo albums.  The window seat would be a cozy place for my bookworm daughter to read.  Plenty of shelves would also give me more room to display my treasures.  :)

Well guess what???  
It's happening this week!!  I am SOOO very beyond excited!!!

I've been saving my money for months now and I convinced my amazing brother to come and stay with us for the week and build it for me.  I promised to ply him with grilled steak and ribs and plenty of good country cooking while he was here.  It must have worked because he agreed.  :D

He should be able to have the majority of the building part of it completed this week.  He doesn't have the needed tools here with him to do the cabinet doors, so he'll go back home and make those and bring them back later.  Once he's done building it'll be up to me to get it all primed and painted.  

I'll be posting more updates over on the Facebook page if you'd like to keep up with it over there. 


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