Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Official...We Have a Moving Date!

(Ok, first of all, a huge congratulations goes out to my hubby who finished up 2.5 years of schooling today!  He graduated with a diploma as an auto, diesel, and agriculture mechanic.  SO very proud of him and all his hard work!)

And now onto business.

Well, it's official...after much waiting and uncertainty, a few tears, LOTS of prayer and conversations with God, we finally have some permanent answers on this move to Florida.  

L..o..n..g story short, my husband accepted a job at a John Deere dealer and he'll be working in the agriculture industry repairing and maintaining the local farmers' heavy equipment.  It's exactly the kind of job he wanted and he's very excited to get started.  

We leave on July 2nd.

This will be our rental house for the next year.  It's small, a 2/1 and only 1,000 sq feet, but we'll make do, we always have.

We thought we had a house lined up, but it fell through at the last minute (thus the many shedding of tears on my part).  We had to scramble to find something else and were very fortunate to find this little place.  You want to know the "funny" thing about it?  We've never even actually seen it, only pictures.  It's a huge leap of faith for us.  : )

A woodsy neighborhood

My in-laws are just awesome sauce and they made a 4 hour trip up there and checked out the house (only from the outside though) and the neighborhood for us.  My father-in-law can talk to just about anybody and he made contact with a couple of the neighbors and spent awhile chatting them up and getting a feel for things.  They gave their stamp of approval, so that made us feel a whole lot better about going there sight unseen.  

We really did NOT want to live in the city again.  We've just had our fair share of that and SO wanted to live a little more in the country again.  God knew the desires of our heart.  The house may be small, but check out the "country" factor.  It's just under 20 minutes from town, and there are neighbors across the street and on one side, but the other side and behind us is nothing but woods woods and more woods for miles.  I love it!!  Can't wait to do some hiking and exploring.


Just down at the end of our road, less than a mile away, is the beautiful Suwannee River.  The chatty and kind neighbor has already said he wants to take us out fishing on his 18ft. boot!

Two miles away is a state park with these gorgeous, crystal clear, springs that stay at a constant 72 degrees all year round.  This is a 25ft. deep swimming hole.  Hubby visited the park when he was down there for job interviews and he said you could see straight to the bottom!  Aren't the colors just awesome?  Those are actual colors, I didn't mess with the color saturation at all.

We are SO excited to be starting on this journey of the next part of our lives, and along with that we can't wait to be back in warm and sunny Florida again (and also be back in the country again, of course!).

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