Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Friday

Notice the title of today's post doesn't say, "Fun Friday Finds?"  Just "Fun Friday?"  That's because I'm taking a break from finding today and I'm selling instead.

We're having a garage sale of our own.

After sorting through the entire house, and every single box in the attic we came up with lots of stuff to sell.

And I'll be trying to sell some of my homemade strawberry jam.

Wish us luck!



  1. boy....i wish i was coming to your i would find me some

  2. Ahh, I wish I had time to come to your sale! I'm sure I could use some of those boy clothes....

    Hope you're having a good sale! The jam jars look so pretty; I'm sure it's delicious! :)

  3. Drat...wish I could just hop over there!!!!! Hope all is going well and everything is sold by now!!
    Blessings, happy Friday and Happy Father's Day to your sweetie!


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