Monday, June 4, 2012

Summertime Gift Idea

Just a quick post to share a cute little gift idea I came up with.  We had our monthly Women of Worth meeting at church recently and I signed up to bring a door prize.  It was kind of a last minute thing so I was scrounging a bit to come up with something.  I wanted cute, cheap, and creative.

I bought a glass ice cream sundae dish at Goodwill for .69.  I washed it up good and layered it with toppings.  I already had these on hand so it fit right in with the "cheap" aspect I was going for.

I covered the top with plastic wrap to hold everything in and tied it with a ribbon along with a little tag I made for it.  "Wishing you a relaxing Sundae!"  A fun play on words.

I really wanted to tie a long ice cream sundae spoon to the outside of it, but I couldn't find one anywhere.  I must've checked 4 different stores. 

 Oh well, I think it was still pretty cute, and it was quick, and you can't beat the .69 price tag.

P.S.  I'm making more progress in the master bedroom.  I finished up a little project last weekend, and another one yesterday afternoon that I plan to show you later in the week, so stay tuned!


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  1. What can I say . . . the first thing that attracted me to your delightful blog was your profile photo and your warm and beautiful smile. My husband notices peoples eyes, I can't tell you anything about anyone's eyes, but I can sure tell you if someone has a lovely smile or not. I love your gift idea, and if your don't mind I would love to copy it. Also the market scale you found for $5, WOW!!! great find. I am a retired wife, mother and grandmother that is enjoying every sweet day the good Lord blesses me with. I stay pretty busy with lots of projects and interests, furniture re-dos, sewing, gardening, paper crafts, painting, and music. One of my favorite things to do is play my guitar and sing in the local nursing homes, farmer's markets, and the county fair.
    I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to visit my blog and hopefully follow me, too. Connie :)

  2. That's adorable, Steph! Going to pin it :) You could also add a giftcard for ice-cream from the local grocery store...I know that wouldn't make it as thrifty :)

  3. Hi Stephanie, I saw your unique gift idea and thought it was so clever that I wanted to invite you to share it at Your Cozy Home Party now until Thursday night. Anyone would be delighted to receive those goodies done in such a cute way. Hope you can come!----------- Shannon

  4. Very cute idea!

  5. I don't know how I missed seeing that! Very cute idea. Lots can be done with a sundae dish!

  6. What a cute idea! It would be a cute hostess gift with a ice cream store gift card.

  7. That is so cute! Quick and easy too!


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