Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #2

Here we are for the second addition of Fun Friday Finds!  
For a little while this morning I thought I might not have anything to show you.  It turned cold and rainy and the prospect of any garage sales was looking minimal.  So, we started out visiting thrift stores instead, then once the rain decided to quit we searched for sales.  We found a few, but not as many as usual.

Please excuse these pictures, they really aren't that great.  I normally take these photos in the living room where there's more light, but that room is a total wreck right now.  The kitchen wasn't so great either, I had to move all the "extras'' out of the picture.  (But now I'm noticing I missed a stray toy there under the bench, lol!)  I took the kiddos to a local strawberry patch yesterday to pick some fresh berries, then I spent most of the rest of the day making 36 jars of freezer jam. 
 So my house suffered a bit. spent today was $17.25.  Not pictured is a brand new, extra wide, yard rake ($2) but I didn't think you'd care about that being in the picture.  : )

Glass cloche - $1 I thought it was unusual because of how tall it is.  I plan to take it apart, give it an updated look, and put it in my Etsy shop.  (Wendy, if you're reading this I might need to borrow that heat gun we talked about, lol!)

2 Homer Laughlin plates - $2  I thought they had a sweet cottage/shabby chic appeal and might sell in the shop.

Apparently I was feeling a bit Kermit-ish today.  At one sale I picked up the wallet for $1 (I've had my current wallet for probably 6 or 7 years!).  Then at another sale I got the purse for .25.  They look like they could be a matching set.

Picked up this toy loader for my Little Man for $1.  He's all boy and LOVES it!  He's sitting here in the middle of the living room floor playing with it as I type.

2 vintage camping stools - $2  This particular sale wasn't supposed to open until tomorrow, but he was going to be working out in his garage anyways and decided to just go ahead and open up and was still setting stuff out.  I bought the rake from him and as I was walking back to the car I saw him set out the stools.  I immediately went back for them.  I plan to list them in the shop as well.

Vintage Pyrex beaker .99 - I thought this would pair well with the test tubes I got recently, also going in the shop.

Set of antique Rudyard Kipling books - $2  Right across the street from the sale where I got the stools I saw a garage open and tables set up, but I couldn't tell if they were open or not.  As I was slowly driving by and trying to figure it out someone came out of the house so I rolled down my window and asked.  Again, technically they weren't opening until tomorrow, but they said I could go ahead and take a look around.  There's no publication date listed, but I did a bit of quick research on them and nearest I can tell they're circa 1900.  These were my 2nd favorite find, but I'm not sure if I'll keep them or sell them.

This was my favorite find of the day.  A reproduction hanging scale for $5 at a local thrift store.  I didn't have any place to hang it to take a picture, so I took it outside.  I'm not sure yet where I'll put it, but I love it so I know I'll come up with something.

I did some searching and found that these same ones sell for $45 - $60 new!

So there are my treasures for the week.  

How 'bout you, anybody else find anything great?


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  1. Oh, I love your finds! There was an auction down the street but I was brave and strong and didn't go! LOL! I'm lots older than you though and have LOTS of stuff already! I'll have to look at your test tubes because I have a wooden "grow" sign that I've had for years that needs 4 test tubes that have over the years either broken or disappeared. The openings are 3/4 inches. Could you check yours and see if they fit and if they're in your store...I'll buy them!
    Also, I have 2 camp stools too and I got them at a sale and have been meaning to do something with them. what are you going to do with yours although yours look like they're in better shape than mine. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Great finds!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  3. I'm dying that you got that scale for $5! I have one like it that I bought back before frugal was in my vocabulary and lemme tell ya; I paid WAY more than $5. Your research is correct. :/

    I'd say you had a productive day! :)

  4. Love the cloche! Try a hair dryer to soften the glue if it doesn't , I'll loan you the 'blow torch '
    Joseph brought home two camping stools similar to yours out of the attic at work a year ago or so.
    I thought about selling them because we have no use for them, but they are cute little things.
    You found some nice items!

  5. If you continue this Friday Finds posting, I'll have to be jealous every week... You find some great stuff for great prices!

  6. OMGOSH!! So many great finds :)

    My favorite is the camping stools. I remember sitting on them when I was a kid going fishing with my dad..

    I had promised myself that I would work on my studio this morning instead of going to yard sales, but now i have the

    I look forward to your fun Friday finds. Thanks for sharing :)


  7. I love the camp stools. What a great deal on those. We used to have one but my husband gave it away. I wish I could find more.

  8. Where do you find such cool garage sales? Most of the garage sales here have mostly newer stuff.



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