Sunday, August 5, 2012

World's Longest Yard Sale (Part 2)

So, I already showed a bit of the sites and experiences from the World's Longest Yard Sale (part 1 can be seen HERE), and now I'll show you what all I brought home.  There were quite a few dealer type places set up with dealer prices, and for the most part I'm too cheap to pay what they're asking.  So, I didn't come home with anything super duper spectacular, but I did find some things for me and some things for the shop.

Total spent - $40.50

Vintage Hanson home scale - $8  (I've thought it over about whether I want to keep this one and sell the other one I bought a couple of months ago, or stick with what I already have and sell this one.  I think I'm leaning towards selling this one.)

Industrial style paper organizer - $1  (I bought this for us to use.  Seems like our desk gets piled up with papers so fast, and I've been wanting one of these to help with that.)

Set of lace edge milk glass dishes - $1 (I see these everywhere and want to put together a set of 4 different sizes to sell)

Striped sugar dish - .50 (I bought a small pitcher very similar to this a couple of weeks ago and I plan to sell them as a set.)

Ball jar - .50 (I liked the square bottom on it, I don't see those as often.)

Glass peanut butter jar - $3 (The lid is painted and I like the sweet shabby look of it, but I can't decide if I want to leave it as is, or try to remove the paint and see what label is underneath.)

Milk glass vase - $1 (I have another vase made by E. O. Brody Co. and I've been looking for other pieces by the same company to pair with it to sell.)

Set of 3 aqua Pyrex dishes - $10 (I did some serious haggling to get these for this price!  Since aqua's not really a color I have in my kitchen these will most likely end up in the shop.)

Vintage Christmas box - .25 (I thought this would look really neat as part of a vignette on a mantel or shelf)

Vintage Santa mug - .25  (I want to find more of these to sell or maybe keep as a collection.  I used to have a collection of these and I displayed them at Christmas one year and then got rid of them.  I could kick myself for that.)

Old clipboard - .25 (Flea Market Style used these to hold artwork and hung them on the wall and I thought that was a neat idea so I've been on the lookout for a few of them)

Industrial style levels - $1 each (for the shop)

Industrial Trouble/Cage Light - $1.50 (shop - I love the label on it, seen below)

Galvanized bucket - $1 (I bought this to keep.  I can't wait to plant something in it!)

Hubby called that last thing a speed wrench - .25 (It reminded me of a wooden toolbox project Donna did here, so I got it to add to my junk stash......just in case ya know.)

Now I just have to get the rest of the price tag sticker off without ruining the label.

Vintage napkins - .25 each (I love these, especially the tri-colored one and I searched and searched every box of linens at that sale hoping to find the match, but no such luck.  Not sure yet if I'm keeping or selling.)

Collection of wooden spools - $3 (I'll separate these out and keep some for my collection, keep some for my crafting stash, and sell the others.)

Vintage train case - .50 (shop)

Old sewing patterns - $3 (keeping, but not for sewing projects)  : )

Basket of vintage wooden clothespins - .25 (keeping some, selling some)

Vintage Kodak projector screen - $1 (I thought this might pair well with the other vintage movie stuff I recently acquired for the shop.)

Remember my goofy picture from Part 1?  : )

It was these glass magnifying paper weights that I got for .50 each.  I'm keeping these.  
(I already had the vintage cards.)

Wooden step ladder - .50 (I'm keeping this as well.  I'm thinking it will make for a cute porch display with plants, or maybe some small pumpkins come Autumn.)

And there ya have it.  Those are my treasures from the World's Longest Yard Sale.   Next weekend is the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Sales that extend through Ohio all the way across to Iowa.  

What do you think?  Should I hit those too?  : )


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  1. Oh yes, you must. At least for all of our sakes so we can see the pictures. You got some great things! Ann

  2. By all means, because I love the treasures you've found.
    That little step ladder remind me of one at my mom's. Great job shopping!

  3. I seriously want to buy the Pyrex.

  4. That was some great finds! I just got a bag of old spools/threads also.
    YES, you must go! Enjoy them while you are there!!! We have nothing like it here in FL.

  5. My vote is GO! :) You have a knack for finding treasures; you shouldn't miss an opportunity. :) Last year, these two huge sales were on the same weekend. I'm glad it's spaced out this year. My MIL has offered to babysit so I can go to the Lincoln Highway sales, so I plan to go and hopefully have more success than the 127 sales.

  6. I've been reading a lot about the "word's longest yard sale". Sounds like a fun experience.

  7. I think you should go too.......we need serious representation here girly!!!!!!!
    You got really cool "stuph"!!
    Be careful and have fun,

  8. Looks like you had a fun 2 days. The best thing, that I've bought was in Pikeville, TN in an antique shop (that was participating in the yard sale). My friend from Texas was visiting and we really stopped a lot between Dunlap and Pikeville. I'm a neew follower on Linky and hope you follow back Thanks for the 2!

  9. I wondered what the heck you had over your eyes LOl
    magnifying glass
    glad to said you didn't find anything great that makes me feel better since I didn't go

    i do like al your smalls

  10. I truly enjoyed seeing the sights from your neck of the sale. Where you were seems like it was a lot different than in Gadsden. We didn't see any barns or barn sales. We too did have a lot of dealers with their dealer prices though. I thought it was fun to see that you have picked up some of the same items I've gotten in the not too distant past. I just recently found the same scale but the top part on mine isn't red and I bought one of those blue cases and also a ladder like yours. You did better on your suitcase price and I got my scale cheaper. I think it all evens out! Ha! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you got such great shots from the sale.

  11. I think I would have bought everything you bought! Love that scale, the milk glass, and those paper weights are real keepers.

  12. I like your keepers!

    Popped in from Wow Us Wednesday.

  13. Came over from Funky Junk. I cannot believe the prices! super! Love the ladder, the spools, and the clothes pins (my granny called these dolly pins). I sell every train (or cosmetic) case I get my hands on and I pay much more than that! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your treasures.

    Distressed Donna Down home

  14. Oh my, what wonderful items you found and all for $40.00. Amazing!!


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