Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Be Honest

Ok everyone, I need your honest opinion.  No sugar coating, no saying what you think I want to hear... just straight up honesty, even if it hurts.

Should I start a Facebook page for The Cozy Old Farmhouse?

On one hand, there are many times I have something exciting I would like to share, or I'd like to show a quick update on progress on some project or another, but they aren't necessarily worthy of a full blog post.  Facebook would be the perfect venue for that.

On the other hand, that's one more thing for me to keep up with.  If I have enough people who would really truly follow along and be interested in it then it would be worth it.  If no one really cares one way or the other then I don't think it's worth my time or effort.  (Now, that's honesty for ya.)

So...what say you?
 I'll add a poll up in the sidebar, I'd love it if you would help me out and leave your opinion.



  1. I have recently discovered several new FB peeps that do NOT have blogs. Then again I have blog friends that do not have FB. I really dislike the whole "timeline" thing on FB, much too crowded for my taste. I prefer to have my fave blogs on my blogroll/reader. It seems much easier for me. I know bloggers have been complaining about not getting comments on their personal blog and with FB it is quicker to get replies. Guess I haven't given you a straight answer :/

  2. I have a Facebook page for my blog and I do find it useful. I link up all my new posts to it and some people sort of follow me through that instead of Linky Followers or Google Friends Connect. They are already checking Facebook daily, so when my new post shows up in their newsfeed, they'll click on it and stop on over to the blog. Plus it's a place where I can post just small tidbits about things I've found or show a photo that isn't worth a full blog post. Best of all, if I find something when I'm reading a blog, I can recommend the post to my Facebook followers so they can read it to. So, I would say yes. Oh, it does take time though, but it doesn't have to take any more than 5 minutes a day.

  3. I voted yes! I have liked having mine. You can control how much time it takes; I haven't found it a burden at all. It has also opened up the blog to people that don't have blogs (like the first commenter mentioned). I started mine for some of the very same reasons you mentioned that you would like it. :)

  4. Stephanie: I'm probably the only one that voted "facebook, what's facebook?. I really do know what facebook is but I'm not on it (probably the only one there too)! So I don't know much about it, I would say no if it takes away from your blog, because I really enjoy your blog, but whatever is best for you would be my real vote..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. YES, you should get a facebook page for your blog. I recently decided to take the leap and get a facebook page for my blog and I haven't regretted it. I love it for exactly what you pointed out about things not being worthy a full post. However, I do link my post on facebook page. I try to keep up on all the blogs I like to read, but time is a constant issue for me. I do check facebook several times a day on my phone and if there is a blog post linked on facebook I can check it out. I love technology!

  6. I'd love to have you on FB... because frankly, I have no clue how this blog works! I read your e-mails which is basically your blog, but unfortunately, it doesn't give me a way to a) communicate easily with you to comment when something you post catches my eye and b) FB doesn't take any longer than a blog posting, in my opinion.

  7. I voted "it doesn't really matter one way or the other" because I will follow you either way. I LOVE reading your blog. So either way, you'll have me following

    1. Thank you Shelley, that's sweet of you to say, and thanks for your input.

  8. I voted yes, because it wasn't a no, however I think your blog is more important. All the different techs are just ways to use up time. Ultimately, it is your decision! Wishing you a delightful weekend!

  9. Stephanie, I don't have a facebook at all, and have felt the push to do one for my blog because everyone is always asking you to go to their facebook page and like it and check this that and the other and follow there, but I just don't have time to do that or to set it up right now. I figure with time, I may and then I'll probably regret not having done it sooner. I can guarantee that for me it would take way longer than 5 minutes a day because it's not just the time you spend on your own page, but the time you'll spend on other blogs as a result of the connections. But then what do I know...I'm not on it. If you do it, maybe you could share how the process worked and how much time it took to set up and then how much time you feel you spend on it once you have it. How's that for taking up all your time!? :) Good luck!

  10. I don't do facebook, so it's up to you dearie!!


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