Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #9

I apologize for this week's Friday post being a little late.  The kiddos and I were out for a good majority of the day taking in the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way sales.  It was very similar to last weekend's World's Longest Yard Sale in that it was miles and miles of endless sales.  (Junker's heaven in other words.)  Then Hubby had a softball tournament and I wanted to stay late to watch him play in the championship game.  (They got 2nd)  
But now I'm finally getting it finished up.

Total spent - $29.75

Deep Fryer - $2

Hubby has been wanting one of these, but I was reluctant to spend the money on a new one.  But I'm willing to make him happy for $2.  : )

Small clipboard and Uno game - FREE

Blue canning jar - $2 (keeping)

This particular style is from the 1910-1923 range, so I was happy to find it.

Little wooden crate - .25

A friend of mine recently did an adorable little project with one of these and it inspired me.  So when I came across this one I had to have it.

RC Cola crate - $2 (keeping)

I found this at a fairly new little shop that I came across called The Junk Ladies.  It was 2 friends selling all the treasures they've collected over the years.  Sounds like a dream job to me.  : )

Vintage level - $3 (selling)
Vintage Pesticide sprayer - $1.50 (selling)
Oil can - $1.50 (selling)
Burlap sack - FREE (keeping)

6 milk glass vases gathered from different sales - $1.20

I got all of these for a friend.  She's planning to open an Etsy shop this fall and is gathering these to sell in sets.

Ironstone/China set - $2 (selling)

The platter is ironstone, the little pitchers are marked some kind of china or other (I can't remember now and I'm too tired to go look because it's now no longer Friday).

Milk glass pedestal bowls - .50 (selling)

Cute little French porcelain pitcher - .25
Set of 8 Homer Laughlin bowls - .50

I came across this bag for .05.  I almost passed it by, until I realized these were in there.

This style of Bingo card has been showing up a lot lately in cute little vignettes.  These are blue instead of black, and so maybe won't be quite as popular to sell, but hey...for .05 I'm willing to try.

And last but not least, my favorite find of the day.  Another vintage Poosh-M-Up game - $10.

You may remember I found one of these a couple of months ago, though nowhere near in as good of condition as this one.  I listed it on Ebay and it sold a day and a half later for a lot more than $10.  So I was willing to fork over the dough on this one.  It even has the marbles with it.

So there's my story.
How 'bout you?  What great finds have you come across this week?


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  1. It sounds like you had a fun day, and found some great buys. Congratulations to your hub and his team. Have a marvelous weekend, Connie :)

  2. Luv this stuff! Your pics make me drool! :) I didn't hear about the BINGO cards....that is an awesome find!

  3. Funny, we - my friend and it - walk on the "Old Lincoln Highway" when we take walks - In California!

  4. Love love all your finds...the bingo cards in that little bag were a steal! I haven't seen one of those old sprayers since I was a girl! You Hubby second place...Congrats! Thanks for the share Steph.

  5. Oh man - I wanted to do that sale. You recommend it till another year? But I was able to do a local whole village sale the other week and spent just about the same amount you did. I blogged about some of my finds here -

  6. Great finds! Its all wonderful but I really love the ironstone and the little french pitcher:)
    New follower, Francine

  7. Stephanie, Wow, what a haul. Those bingo cards are fabulous. I'm pretty sure that someone will snap them up, blue and all. That pesticide sprayer and the oil can so remind me of my dad in the 60's and 70's going around always tending to the things he'd planted and spraying them and making cuttings, etc., and a can just like that was in our garage always getting used (it made a distinct sound when you pushed in the bottom to make the oil come out-I can hear it now). Fun stuff. I can't believe you found another spot with tons of sales in a row. I'm thinking of suggesting a town-wide sale here. I think they'd need to do it for two weekends so that half the town could sell one day and then the next weekend those who sold could go to the sales and the ones who had shopped the week before could sell. this weekend I found nothing while I was out looking. I came home completely empty handed, so i was glad to see all the great deals and fun things you found!


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