Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #10

Today's Fun Friday post is going to be short and kind of quick because my husband's parents are here visiting and I haven't had time to do any treasure hunting.  We've been having too much fun doing other things.  

But instead of leaving you with nothing, I'm sharing a quilt top I found a few months ago before I started doing my regular Friday posts.

I found this towards the end of my morning and my money had run out, I only had $1 left in my pocket and she was asking $20 for it.  $20 was more than a fair price for such an intricate, handmade, OLD piece like this.  The lady said her great-great-grandmother made it, and she herself was probably in her 60's.  So if you count back two "greats" from there, it's a lovely antique.

Anyways, like I said, I only had $1 and I was despairing that I would have to pass this up.  I am a LOVER of quilts and I really wanted this one.  So I asked her if I gave her my name and phone number and if by some miracle it didn't sell, could she call me and I would most definitely buy it.  But I knew in my heart of hearts there was no way it would last.

But she was SUPER nice and said, "Oh, no problem, I'll just hold it for you."  I said, "REALLY?!?  Without any kind of down would really do that for me?!?"  She said sure and I promised her that I would be back the next day as soon as I could.  I half expected her to sell it out from under me, but she didn't.  And it was a good thing she held it.  Not long after I was there someone else swooped in and bought up all the rest of them she had.

I just love all the tiny little pieces and how it's all so intricately fit together.  

So, now I'm off for a morning of baking Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins with my daughter (who is turning 5 on Sunday!!!) and Mom-in-law, and then they're taking us out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight.  Can't beat that with a stick.  : )

I'll be back sometime next week when things get settled down and back to normal a bit around here.  
I hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Isn't it wonderful how some know an honest person when they see them? She knew that about you and was willing to accommodate...what a beautiful work of art! Great find. Wishing you a nice weekend with family!

  2. That quilt is totally awesome! And, what a great story to tell when you display it, you are keeping it right? If not, let me know...

  3. I loved seeing this quilt. I bought a half finished one at an antique store earlier this summer and am finishing it piece by piece. The pattern is called Job's Troubles. It's a beauty!

  4. Stop it! That's the sweetest quilt! How kind of her to hold it for you. Glad you snagged it. Adorable.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. The winner of my HomeGoods Giveaway will be announced Aug 23rd. Good luck :)

  6. You found a real treasure, looks like 1930's


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