Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #11

Hi again, everyone!  Here I am back again with another Fun Friday Finds post.  I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for it...sitting there with your cup of coffee...hitting refresh...sending me inquiring texts as to when it would be published. (*ahem*.....I think you know who you are) 

This first set of pictures are from Thursday.  If you're following along on my new Facebook page you already know that I caught wind of some community sales in a nearby town that I went to yesterday with my junkin' buddy.  It sure was a fun day!

Total spent for Thursday - $23.30

Christmasy little tote bag - .25  
(I thought it would be really cute to fill with homemade cookies and give as a gift to someone at Christmas.)

New dishcloths - $1 ea
(These seemed like really good quality and I needed some new ones anyways)

French Fry Maker - $1.50
(We enjoy making our own fries sometimes so this will make the process a whole lot easier.)

3 Ball canning jars (from 2 different sales) - $6
(Nearest I can tell these are from the age range of 1896-1910, my oldest ones yet.  That one on the far right is the oldest of the three because of that word "improved." Again, this is what I can tell from doing a little Google research.  If anyone can tell me something more accurate, please let me know.)

Vintage style stacking/nesting boxes - .50
(My daughter has this exact same set in her Shabby Chic style bedroom, and I bought this set with the intention of putting them in my Etsy shop to resell.  BUT...the date on the bottom is 1998 so they don't qualify as vintage.  I may try to sell them on Ebay instead.)

3 pairs of jeans for my growing lil' boy - .50 each
A rubbery Croc style pair of shoes for my daughter for playing out in the yard - $1
(Both of these things were much needed so I was happy to find them.)

Apple corer/slicer - .25
(I used my friend's a few weeks back and it was SO handy, I loved it.  So when I found this one I had to have one for myself.)

Milk glass pedestal vase - .05
(This is another E.O. Brody Co. piece to add to my set for the shop)

Glass magnifying paper weight - .25
(You may remember I bought 2 of these recently, but this one had a snowflake in the bottom of it that I thought was really pretty.  Planning to keep it.)

2 old pie plates - .50 each
(I thought these would make cute/rustic candle holders for Fall/Christmas.)

Vintage ornaments - $1 for all
(Adding these to my collection, but I still can't decide if I'm keeping the collection or selling them.  Hubby would tell you selling, and I had planned on it, but I just can't seem to let them go!)

Vintage sheet set - $8
(Ok, peeps, I have to admit I think I failed on this one.  The seller had a paper inside the bag that called these Holly Hobbie sheets, and she had them marked $10.  I went back to the car and looked up Holly Hobbie sheets on Etsy and Ebay (using my new iPhone that I lurve!) and they seemed to have really good resale value, so I talked her down to $8 and bought them for the shop.  BUT...the more I got to looking at them (after I bought them mind you) I realized they were not, in fact, Holly Hobbie.  They are of a similar style maybe, but not actually HH.  SO...I got duped and it was my own fault.  I just hope I can move them out and at least make my money back on them.)

Ok, so that was all from Thursday.  I still hadn't had my fill of sales yet, so the kids and I headed out again this morning.  We were out much longer than I expected yesterday, and their naps got all messed up, so I told myself that we would only go for a couple of hours today and be back by noon so they could keep on schedule.  I didn't do too bad either, we left at 9am and made it back at 12:10.  : )

Total spent - $56.50 (way more than usual for this small amount of stuff, but there's a reason)

Wooden dairy crate - $1
(This sale looked like they were cleaning out their grandparents home so I asked if they had any more crates or any other vintage style items that weren't out yet.  She told me they had a bunch more crates yesterday, but someone had already bought them all.  Ugh.  I hate that.  Makes me wish I had never asked.)

Galvanized bucket - FREE
(I saw it sitting under a table filled with rocks and garbage and I asked if it was for sale.  The lady said, "THAT?!?  You can just have that.  I would feel bad asking for money for that."  Well, don't mind if I do.  It'll look perfect with some flowers planted in it thank you very much.)

Set of vintage owls - .50
(Owls are - at all, BUT they seem to be all the craze right now so I thought I'd try painting them up and see if they sell.)

Gorgeous vintage pillowcase - .50 (selling)

Stack of colorful flower pots - .50
(The chalky vibrant colors and chippy patina of these just grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go.  My husband will shake his head about this purchase, but I don't care.  I just had to have them.  Had to I tell ya!)

Globe - $1 
(fix it up a little and sell)

Vintage leather Samsonite suitcase (in almost perfect condition!) - $3
(Most likely selling.)

Ok, now we come to the reason my total was so high for today's finds.  This vintage school clock robbed me of 50 buck-a-roonies.  But, I shall share the story with you.  

I actually found this clock almost a month ago at a little local flea market.!  Loved the style, the colors, the fact that it still works great, everything about it!  I wanted it SO badly!  I did my best to talk him down off his $50 high horse, but no such luck.  I walked away and left it there.  Over the next few weeks I searched the internet for one I might like better or that was cheaper, but there just wasn't one that fit the bill like this one.  I kept thinking about it and wishing for it, but I just couldn't justify spending that much money.  Then the other day when I took my in-laws back to the airport my father in-law slipped me $50 of spending money.  (They spoil me rotten!)  It was just meant to be, right?  

So, I stopped back by today hoping beyond hope that #1) it would still be there, and #2) that he would finally budge on the price.  It was still there, but he wouldn't budge.  There's a huge flea market coming up next weekend that he'll be selling at and I was afraid it would be gone if I waited any longer and that would've made me very sad.  So...I did a mega splurge and bought it.  And you know what?  I don't regret it.  Not one bit.  I love love love it!  

And no, you can't have it.  I'm keeping it...for-ev-uh!  : )



  1. I'm so glad you decided to get that clock! I remember staring longingly at one similar to that way back in my public school days....waiting for the 3:15 'clean up' bell to ring. :)

    The suitcase looks brand new.

    The globe is an super good deal!

    The chippy painted pots are gorgeous just like you have them in a stack!!

    Boo, about the sheets.
    They are cute and colorful and retro looking enough that I don't think you'll have any trouble selling them.

    I like the owls, and they should be 'your thing' 'cause owls are cute. :)

    Not sure if you saw one of my recent pins about printing labels for galvanized buckets, but I'll tag you in it so you can check it out.

    Looking forward to more junk shopping with you before winter time gets here!

  2. Love the clock too! Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and buy. I try to justify my splurges by saying, I haven't kept anything in a while... lol~ My husband NEVER buys it ;)

  3. Love the clock, when I saw it I gasped! I saw a globe the other day, it must have been pretty damaged underneath, but they had painted it black and then written in large letters "PEACE" (peace on earth)

  4. Really love the yard sale's, but Im older now and don't get to them. So now I can go thru you and see all the bargain's. I love your site thank's Linda Looking forward to more of it.

  5. Love your enthusiasm! and most of your decorating ideas. ( I too love Yellow and red color decorating. I have a for really "Holly Hobby" twin top sheet. Also have several Blue canning jars that were Uncle Roger's grandma's. Love, Aunt Nomi

  6. I love your clock! reminds me of my school days of one just like that hanging on the wall and i waiting for recess to come! :)

  7. I have a similar clock that isn't in as good condition as yours, but it's still one of my favorite purchases ever. You won't regret buying that fabulous clock!!! Visiting from SNS.

  8. Stephanie - I love that clock!!! And now I want one too - I am definitely going to be on the look out for one. Thanks for stopping by cottage4c - I'm so glad you did and now I can visit you back!

  9. oh my gosh - I just went back through your post and saw the 'hollyhobby' sheets. I had that identical bedspread when I was little! I loved it so much! I don't think you'll have any trouble re-selling them.

  10. Oh man...that's the clock of my dreams. You don't know how many sales I have scoured looking for that! Well, I'm glad it has gone to a great home, with someone who appreciates it's impeccable beauty and value. I love that crate and pail too. You are right; it's so hard to know what got away. At least you got one, and for a $1! That makes up for the clock costing a pretty penny. Thanks for asking about the storm. We are well, but wow, have we had rain aplenty! Soggy, soggy, soggy.

  11. Yaay for sweet father-in-laws!!! You did great!!
    Too bad about the crates, sometimes it's better not to know :^)
    I found an old wooden box several months ago that was from the same town in Connecticut as my grandfather!! Small world, since I found the box in Texas!
    Hugs to you,

  12. You find the BEST stuff! And that clock is one to hang on to. It's awesome. The iconic IBM school house clock, very similar to yours, is back in production... I did a little write-up not too long ago in case you're interested.

    Have a great weekend, Stephanie!


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