Monday, July 9, 2012

Master Bath

I'm finally ready to share our master bathroom with you all.  I revealed just a bit of it a long time ago when I shared a little mini-makeover on the flower container, but I never showed the whole thing because there was one little project I wanted to complete first.

It only took me a whole year, but I finally managed to complete it and take a few more pictures.  If you look very closely you might be able to figure out what that little project was, taking into consideration that some of these pictures were taken last year and some from the other day.

Ok, so let's get to it.  Now remember, this is a rental home so my mantra is, "do the best you can with what you have."  This has been my battle cry since the dawn of time.  Or at least since I've been married anyways since every home we've ever lived in has been a rental.

The above picture is the view to the left as you walk in the door.  Double sinks with a humongo mirror.    I didn't bother to take any pictures of the shower, nothing exciting to see there, but you can see it tucked into the corner on the opposite wall.

The lovely weathered and chippy shutters came from a yard sale in Florida a few years ago, a steal at $3!

The wash room sign was a present from Hubby a few years back, I think it came from The Country Store of Geneva  if I remember right.  I found the little faucet handles at an antique store in NC, and I made the little flower arrangement (you can read more about that HERE).

The hand towel holders on each side of the sink were bought at a store in Florida called Bealls Outlet, also a few years ago.

Above the sink is the clock, from Walmart maybe?  Have also had that for a few years.

Below the sinks is plenty of storage and the perfect spot for a laundry basket.  I just have a basic plastic one in there for now, but I'd love to be able to replace it with something vintage.

Something along these lines would be fabulous.


To the right of the sink, and the view front and center when you walk in, is the great white throne.

A bicycle basket hung with S hooks serves as our magazine rack, and you can read the story behind the little garbage can here.

And this cute little box holds the relief spray.  (You know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you're innocent.)  I think the box came from Home Goods...a few years ago.

To the right of the throne is the corner shower stall, and then to the right of that we come to this corner.

The cabinet is also from Walmart...a few years ago...and was a makeover project I did long before I ever even knew blogs existed.  It used to be pure white.

Ok, so have you noticed a recurring theme in this room?  Everything in here is from "a few years ago." That's because I decorated our bathroom in this theme at our house in NC, which was about 7 years ago.  When we moved onto the next house it only had one bathroom that was full of bright aqua tile everywhere, so this stuff had to stay packed away.  But now that we have 2 bathrooms in this house, I was able to pull it all out of storage and use it again.

I tell you all of that to explain the curtain over the window.  It was actually the shower curtain and the curtain rings from the old bathroom.  I love them and didn't want them to go to waste just because they weren't needed as a shower curtain so I found a curtain rod at Goodwill for a couple of bucks, painted it Krylon Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and repurposed them as a regular curtain.  I'm thinking both things were Home Goods finds.

There you have it, a peek into another room in our home.

So, were you able to spot the newest little project?


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  1. I really like your decor in your bath, and I love how light & bright it is.

    I have the worlds tiniest master bath. I have been recently updating it, and I just happen to be looking for that same basket. I did find it on Farmhouse deals, but that is a one day sale and I didnt have the $ at the time.

    Take care,

  2. Very very nice. I really like your style.

  3. newest little project = spray painted curtain rod :)

  4. Your bath is very cute! I especially love the bicycle rack upcycle. :)

    P.S. My main bathroom is in a serious state of upheaval. I can't WAIT to make it cute and livable again! :)

  5. I don't think I've ever seen this bathroom, but it seems really big. You've done a great job with it!
    Is it just me, or are those shower doors just Our "rental" has them in each bathroom, and I've already told Greg I will be putting shower curtains up right in front of them. :-)

  6. Nice Post about Master Bathroom Many peoples like beautiful bathroom

  7. Stephanie your bathroom is just charming as can be! Thanx for sharing!

  8. Very charming makeover, Stephanie! I love farmhouse style and you have added so many wonderful details. Love your chippy shutters!!

  9. your farmhouse bathroom is super cute!!

  10. Well...I'm the world's worst guesser, so I will leave that to you "youngsters"..but I LOVE the room. You have done a great job and that cabinet is the world's cutest!! that what you painted?????
    You are doing a great job with your farmhouse...keep on keepin' on!

  11. When I saw the photo I couldn't wait to see this post. I just love what you did and the soft white colors with the vintage look to it. I am dying to do something like this with one of our bathrooms.

  12. Love your style...and I've really been enjoying following your blog over the last couple of months. You are very creative!

    From the pics, I would have to guess that the newest little project was adding the H(ot) and C(old) shower rings? Those are so cute! Love it all!

  13. I have no idea why the 'comment form' thingy changed my last name and added numbers and symbols. But that sneaky little apostrophe we put after the 'O' does make strange things happen on computers sometimes! LOL
    Amy O'Quinn

  14. this looks fantastic! I love it! The shutters are a great idea. Because YIKES! who wants to see themselves showering?! Right?

    We have Bealls here...but I don't think we have a Bealls Outlet... that would be AWESOME!

    cute. adorable. country. farm-house bathroom.
    I'm a relatively new reader, I have no idea your newest project. True story. Sorry!

    ...going to read up on your decorating, Pat

  15. Hi Stephanie! goodness! Your bathroom is a delight! I just love all the farmhouse touches you have added!
    I spied you on Elaine's Sunday Simple Life blog post.
    You are an inspiration!

  16. Wow I just love how your makeover turned out! You really did an awesome job. I found you from the Sunny Simple Life and am now a new follower!


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