Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #8

Hello again my faithful readers.  Here we are for another Fun Friday Finds.  The kids and I left the house this morning at 9am and by noon, with my trunk still basically empty, I was feeling like the day was a total loss.  We were finding n.o.t.h.i.n.g.  There were plenty of sales, but just nothing worth buying.  One of the first sales we stopped at I spied a beautiful old wood crate with gorgeous typography, as well as an old wire basket....already spoken for.  I thought for sure that was a sign that this was NOT going to be a good day.  But FINALLY my luck changed and I found 2 sales that made the whole day worth it.

 I think I may start a sub-section of Fun Friday Finds of the fun things I find under the coffee table when I scoot it back to take pictures.  This week it was some scraps of paper, a matchbox car, a toy bus, and a ball.  We did better though, at least there were no popcorn kernels this week.

Total spent - $18

Handful of wooden nickels - .25  (probably will sell unless I find a creative use for them)
There was a whole box of hundreds of these, and I sat there and thought and thought about what I could possibly do with them, but couldn't really come up with much right on the spot.  The lady said that I could just buy some of them if I wanted to so I grabbed a handful.  Later I passed by that way again and stopped in to see what she would want for the whole box, but she had changed her mind about selling them.  Oh well.

Cast iron children's shoe forms - $1 (haven't decided if these are a keeper or for the shop)

These and the next 4 or 5 things came from the same sale.  Once again, my favorite kind of sale.  An older gentleman who was cleaning out his closets and just wanted to get rid of stuff.  Everything I asked him about he would say $1 or $2.  I was tempted to kiss him.

Old Scrabble game - $1

I've seen so many cute projects with these little tiles lately that I decided to buy some for myself.

Hand painted wooden canisters and salt and pepper shakers - $2 (shop)

Vintage Kodak movie camera - $1 and lighting to go with it - $2

I couldn't believe he let this go for $1!  

I didn't know anything at all about these lights and hadn't planned on buying them, but he seemed to really want to sell them to me, so for $2 I just went with it.  I'm glad I did.  Their value seems to be in the $75 range from what I can tell, maybe more since this in perfect condition and even still has the original papers around the bulbs.

Kitty-Kat Parti-Lites - $2

Aren't these party lights hysterical?  They are totally kitschy, and not at all my normal style, but I thought they were hilarious and for some reason I wanted them for my shop.  Again, I'm glad I did.  Their value is anywhere from $50 - $100.

Christmas Advent calendar - $2 (keeping)

This is all handmade with felt pieces stitched together.  The fabric is covering a thin sheet of metal and the ornaments have a magnet in them.  Then each day of December you can move an ornament up and decorate the tree.  As I was editing these pictures I realized the ornament for #19 is missing.  I'm hoping it fell off in the trunk, but I haven't gone out to look yet.

Embroidery hoops and 2 clear plastic ornaments - .25

I've seen lots of different projects with the hoops lately, so I picked them up to add to my crafting stash. The ornaments are the kind you can fill and they make great homemade gifts, so they're going in my stash too.

Girl's play rug - $4

You might remember I got Bubs a play rug for his room a few weeks back and now both kids play "cars" on it every single day.  So H was excited to have a girly version for her room.

Now let me explain why I included a picture of a Little Tikes toy.  Bubs found this same little mower/popper toy at another yard sale and with it!  He was pushing it everywhere.  BUT, it was marked $4 and to me that's way too much to pay for a used toy like that.  (Everything at that sale was priced high)  I asked the guy if he'd be willing to come down on the price, I was thinking like $2, but he said $3.50 was his bottom dollar.  We passed it up and Bubs lived through it without so much as a hiccup.  Then, 2 sales later we found the exact same mower for .50!  Now that's more like it...and Bubs was very excited!

Ok, I saved the best for last.  Well, the best in my opinion because it was my favorite of the day.

Old wooden ironing board - ??  Patience....patience, I'll get to the price in a second.

When I first spotted this it was folded up leaning up against a wall and at first glance I thought it was just a regular, modern ironing board.  But then I caught sight of the wood....and then the metal...and then I turned it over and saw the vintage label and I was in love.  I thought for sure it was going to be way out of my price range.

Just look at that combination of aged wood and metal.  It doesn't get any more purdy than that I tell ya!

I thought for sure I had read the price tag wrong and even asked to make sure, but yes, it really said......$2!!  Yep, rub your eyes and adjust your glasses if you want, but I really did just say two dollars!  Woo hoo!

The label says it was patented in 1909 and even has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  That was the same year GH started giving those seals of approval, so this has the potential to be one of the first products they did that for.  I think that's pretty neat.

There's no going to the shop for this piece, this baby's all mine. 

When I took this picture I thought there were only two layers of muslin type fabric on it, but as I was folding it up to put it away I realized there are actually 4 layers on it!  I'm dying to know what the wood looks like underneath.  

But that will have to wait for another day.  Right now I have 7 giggling little girls sprawled out in my living room watching movies and eating popcorn....and now I think they're ready for the Oreos, so off I go.


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  1. AWESOME!!!! AWEsoME!!!! SOOOOOOO jealous!!

  2. Great stuff the iron board, what a bargain! Wishing you a great weekend! Hugs

  3. What a great day it turned out to be. Love all your fun finds especially the ironing board, camera, and those shoe forms. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. Ooh, score, score, score! I'm in love with the ironing board!

  5. AWESOME finds. Hope you found your 19...
    New follower, since I LOVE a good garage sale find.

  6. What!!!??? These are such fantastic scores, Stephanie! And you didn't even start until 9:00? Wow, your patience really paid off. I'm loving all the $1 and $2 stuff. Unbelievable the great stuff some people will only ask $2 for while others are adamant about getting more than that for a plastic mower. Craziness, but you were there to milk it for all it was worth! Sweet! Thanks for coming by and commenting at Quirky Vistas. I'm checking out your other posts as well. I look forward to reading about your adventures to come!
    PS: I'm in South Florida near West Palm Beach

  7. GREAT finds!!! I love the kitty cats..and I'm dumbfounded by the value!! WOW!!
    I had a wooden ironing board for a sofa table for quite a few years. I think the daughter confiscated it...I probably won't ever see it again :^)
    Good luck with the wiglets! Grandma camp starts tomorrow in these here parts! I always hold my breath that they will get bored, but so far they come back each summer :^)
    Blessings to you and good luck with the potty training too.


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