Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #5

Well, it's a good thing I had a great week of garage sales last week 'cause there wasn't much of anything this week.  I think the heat forced everyone to say phooey on holding a sale and stay inside with a cold glass of lemonade and reruns of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  Or maybe American Pickers.  Who can say for sure.

Anyways, out of only about 6 sales that we found I managed to find some goodies at 2 of them.

Total spent - $12

A great vintage rolling pin, made by Munising, in excellent condition - $1

I found this at a so called estate sale.   It wasn't really an estate sale, at least not the kind where everything in the house is for sale.  It was basically just a garage sale of some of the previous owner's stuff, but it was the kind of sale I love.  Nothing was organized, it was all just heaped up in bags and boxes, it was dirty and stinky, nothing was priced, etc.  Now, don't get me wrong, I prefer an organized sale with clean, clearly priced items, it just makes things easier.  BUT...I do love a sale like this on occasion because it usually means the person has no idea of the value of the "junk" they're disposing of, AND you just never know what you're going to uncover in all that mess.

The rolling pin is the perfect example.  I only saw the tip of the handle peeking out from under a pile and pulled out a piece of vintage perfection.  I asked her how much she wanted for it and she asked me how much I'd give for it.  I said $1 and she acted like that was more than she expected.  Rats, shoulda went with .25.  : )  Haha, I kid.  Sort of.

Neat old green jar - $1

At this same sale I found this old green jar.  Someone had apparently tried to spruce it up a bit with an ugly trying-to-be-pretty fake flower.

Ahhh, much better now, dontcha think?  It has no markings, and I have no idea of it's age or value, I just know it appealed to me and so I bought it.

I got the 4 vintage tablecloths at the same "estate" sale for .50 each.

I thought this checkered one would be a cute layering piece.

While pink, red, and aqua aren't really my personal style I still thought this one was gorgeous.

This one has a Scandinavian look to it.  It's embroidered on linen with a pretty lace edging.

Funny story - at this "estate" sale another lady walked up after I had my pile of goodies started.  She poked around a bit and took a few items up to start a pile of her own.  I heard her ask about the linens in my pile, but of course they were already spoken for.  

A few minutes later, and a few roads over I was at another sale where I found the metal picnic basket below.  When I went up to pay I spotted a pile of gorgeous vintage linens and inquired about them.  The lady said they were already spoken for and pointed to the person.  I looked over and spotted the same lady that had asked about my linens at the last sale.   Drat, she beat me.  I shouldn't have stopped at Mickey D's for that Cherry Berry Chiller.  : )

Vintage metal picnic basket - $8

Eight dollars is way more than this El Cheapo usually likes to spend on just one item, but I've been wanting one of these for my shop for quite awhile now so I "splurged."

So there ya have it, not much to show, but I love the few things that I did find.  
What about you, have you found anything fabulous or fun lately?



  1. I love the tablecloths and the basket, great finds. Where is your shop, you should do a post about it, I would read it.

    1. I'm referring to my Etsy shop. The link is up in the sidebar, click on "The Cozy Old Farmhouse."

  2. I have never been to an Estate sale. Need to do it though. I really like the 1st linen pictured. So pretty. And that basket it great.

  3. These are great scores... especially the depression rolling pin!

  4. Is it ok if I'm "jealous" over those linens? LOL You found some great items!

  5. Great finds lots of vintage loveliness I really love the basket.

  6. The table cloths are beautiful!!! Makes me wish I could shop online!! and sorry about the ones that got away.
    The green jar is probably a late '60's early 70's vintage. I had a set of green and a set of red...sold the green and youngest stepdaughter snitched the red :^).
    Those Cherry Berry Chillers are THE best! I will be sorry when they rotate off the menu.
    Have a good shopping day tomorrow!

  7. Just found your blog and reading through...I have 2 of the exact same tablecloths you bought...first and third one....I love old linens. I've been buying them at auctions, flea markets and yard sales since I was 6 and I'm 58 now.


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