Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage Industrial Style Lamp Makeover

Remember this sneak peek picture?

It was a lamp that I was working on.

I've been on the hunt for a lamp for Hubby's side of the bed in the master bedroom, and while this wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it was similar.  I found it at Goodwill for 3.99.

I removed the black plastic piece surrounding the bendable arm to give it a bit more of an industrial feel (and less of a plastic-y feel).

I gave it a coat of primer, and then a couple of coats of Rust-oleum's Hammered Metal spray paint in Dark Bronze.

And here's how it turned out.  I didn't notice until I was editing these pictures that the top of the lamp is slightly out of focus, but honestly, I just didn't feel like retaking it.  I realize that's a blogging no-no, but I just have too much going on right now to be too worried about it.

It's an improvement, but I'm still not completely happy with it.  It's not quite the right shape that I'm wanting, and I wish that I had gone with Oil Rubbed Bronze instead of the Dark Bronze.  If I get a bolt of energy and motivation maybe I'll change it's color.  But don't count on it.  (Hubby insists it looks like the Pixar lamp)

I took a close up of this little guy 'cause I thought you might be wondering about it.  It's an old rusty drain pipe/gutter guard that I got at a yard sale for .25.  I dropped in a votive and holder and voila...a cute candle holder.

It gives off a nice glow at night.
It'll do for now, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.

In other news, I have nothing planned for the next 3 days.  Today begins potty training for Little Man so I'm sticking close to home the bathroom.  It took my daughter 3 days to be completely daytime trained, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for similar results with him.  He is very different from her in almost every way, so I'm not expecting the exact same results, but one can always hope.  : )

Wish me luck!


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  1. Hi Stephanie! Good luck on the potty training with your son. I also have a son and a daughter. My daughter was a couple days earlier at training than my son. But, we made it a fun and exciting time which helped. Mine are now 18 and 19 but still remember (with the help of a journal).
    Love the lamp and "candle holder". We have a vintage table lamp also in a green that doesn't match anything. Mine looks a little different, but basically the same. Think I will change the color, thank you so much for the post!
    ~Take care

  2. i have to agree with does look like the pixar lamp...but i like it!!!...and good luck with potty training!!!

  3. I like it to Stephanie! Boys are harder to train than girls, but sticking with it, he will be trained quickly! Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  4. Isn't it so amazing what a coat of paint does for anything? Looks so much better, not too bad a bargain. will certainly do til the "perfect" lamp comes along.
    Ah yes potty training is such fun. Sorry not being mean. I trained 2 of each and girls are certainly so much easier. Takes persistence and a sense of humor. Last time I heard nobody ever said potty training was fun or easy. Been a long time since I had that job but don't think you forget. My youngest almost trained herself along with her 3 older siblings, she wasn'tjust our baby, she was everybody's. Good luck to you.

  5. I like the lamp! Looks good!
    Good luck Little Man on Day #2!!

  6. Great lamp makeover...I've enjoyed reading your blog.


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