Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New House Update #1

I haven't had much time to just sit and relax the past few days.  Things have really started moving along at the new house, but today I had a little bit of time so I thought I'd share a quick update on how things are going. 

*Warning - these are not fancy pictures at all, just quick cell phone shots (and some are a little gross, consider yourself warned.*

Here's the dining room "before."  Still has its popcorn ceilings and original paint and trim.

Here the popcorn has been scraped off, but no painting yet.  Well, a tiny bit in the corner, but then I remembered to snap another picture.  : )  See how much better the light is reflecting off the ceiling already?  That popcorn junk just drains the light right out of a room.  I hate it I tell ya!  Absolutely despise it!

And here you can see I've got the upper trim coated with primer.  Doesn't it make the room look bigger already?  

I don't have pictures, but the ceiling now has its first complete coat of primer/paint.  It needs a little more work before we can add the 2nd coat.

The other thing I had to work on was the refrigerator.  It did not get cleaned out and left open when the electric was turned off.  A year later and it looked like this when we opened it.

There was year old McDonald's sweet tea in there, an exploded energy drink that had basically turned to a jello-y plastic on the shelf, and lots of mysterious crud and mold.  Yuck!!

The job of cleaning it fell to me since my dad and Hubby were scraping the popcorn ceilings.

This bottom section of the freezer was the worst.  The wire basket is actually covering up the worst of it, it was completely black with thick sludge and gunk and I don't know what!

A couple of hours later (and LOTS of bleach) and almost all of it looked sparkling clean!  A few stains remained in the bottom of the freezer where it had been the worst.  No matter what I tried I couldn't get them out.

So I bought a a can of appliance spray paint and after a few coats of that it was looking right purdy again.  

And I had to share this one last picture with you, a comparison of the kitchen "before" and now in the middle of things.  A complete and utter disaster, lol!  Good thing we're not trying to live there yet.

Now I'm off to make supper and then we'll be right back at it as soon as Hubby gets off of work.


  1. I hope you wore gloves while you cleaned that fridge, ewww, but my hat is off to you. You are for sure a hard working thrifty DIYer. Fridges are expensive and a new one would of been at least $500. Still, I think a lot of people would not of been brave enough or hard working enough to clean it and would of thrown it out.
    You did great!

  2. Great Job Girl :)

  3. That's going to be a beautiful kitchen!!

  4. You are a hard worker - and it will all pay off. The house is lucky to have you to love it & bring it to its full potential. Your family will appreciate it so much more than a 'turn-key" house, because you will enjoy the fruits of your labor! Love all the progress photos - you are motivating us to get to work on our to do lists. Mary

  5. I didn't know there was such a thing as appliance spray paint! I'll have to remember that.
    So happy that you are in your new house for the holidays. It won't be long and it will feel like home.

  6. Girl. Bless your heart. That fridge was downright funky and you did an awesome job of restoring it back to a functioning condition. Isn't appliance paint amazing?! It is like having a brand new appliance!

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  8. Interesting that so many houses in the US have that brown trim in all the rooms, ceilings. corners, baseboards..what is this? In Canada the only place you see this is in old modular homes; is it wood or what? Nothing or white certainly looks better. You guys are doing an awsome job..so happy for you! Your home will forever hold many memories

  9. That must've been a dreadful phase – having move and renovate stuff all at the same time. I trust you fared well amidst all the fiasco. How’s the house now? I hope the move went smoothly for all of you. Have a nice day!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora Real Estate


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