Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Smidgen of Fall Decor

I realize that probably 80% of Blogland has already moved on from fall decor and are well into their Christmas ideas.  But...I'm part of that 20% that's a little behind in sharing and has no interest in decorating for Christmas this early.  So, today I'm sharing my little smidgen of autumn I was able to do this year.

If you're just now joining me here at The Cozy Old Farmhouse let me just explain a few things.  1.) We're currently renting a very small home while waiting to buy a house.  2.) The majority of my decor is packed away in the depths of a storage shed.  3.) Since we're moving very soon I had no desire to go through all the effort to unpack a bunch of things for fall.  

So let me show you how I added a few touches without unpacking my whole box of decor.

A few weeks ago Hubs and I did an organizing revamp on the storage shed and in so doing I had brief access to the tub of fall stuff.  I had about 2 minutes to open it up and grab a couple of things that were packed on top.  One of those things was the vintage wool blanket I found at an estate sale last year.

The two fall pillows are a sewing project I completed a couple of weeks ago.  They're pillow covers for my existing couch pillows, and I plan to share more about them in my next post.  My sewing skills have all been self-taught and I still consider myself very much a beginner, so I was thrilled with how these turned out.  (Squealing in excited triumph is more like it.)

I threw this picture in just as a reminder of what the crate side table looked like before.  Again, very basic and simple decor since this is a temporary home.

I moved the stack of old books over from another table, rearranged the rolls of crochet thread, and added a candle.  The coaster is an old coffee can lid.
If you'd like to know more about the lamp you can read about that {HERE}.

I had an extra strip of brown checked fabric leftover from my little pillow cover so I just simply tied it around one of the rolls of thread.

I found this cute wire basket in the Walmart craft section for $2.47.  I added a fall scented candle, and surrounded it with Hickory nuts that the kids and I found on our walks in the neighborhood.

The fireplace remains the same except for some added twigs and dried seed pods that I found on the property of our new soon-to-be home.

I love using items from nature.  Not only are they budget friendly (a.k.a. FREE), but they don't require any extra room for packing away at the end of the season.  You can simply toss them back into the yard and gather new things next year.

On the bottom half of the fireplace I removed the screen since we aren't using it, and put my crate inside along with a few small gourds and some more seed pods scattered around.

The only other touch of fall is in the kitchen.  During my 2 minutes with the tub of fall decor I also grabbed this little handmade vintage quilt (a $1 yard sale find), and the little vintage quilted pillow.

It's amazing how just this little added layer of color, patterns, and texture brings so much more warmth to the kitchen.  It makes me happy every time I look at it.  Plus, it's a pretty cozy place to sit after dinner and watch while Hubby washes the dishes.  :D

So that's it.  Just a smidgen of fall here and there, using a few basic things I already had, adding in a touch of new, and a scattering of nature.  Even that little bit brings the warmth of the season and changes how the house looks.  Small budget decorating is all I've ever known.  :)



  1. I'm with you on the "not ready to start Christmas yet" Still in to fall colors. I have to wait til after Thanksgiving. Love all your added touches.

  2. I love everything you did! I love Fall and enjoy decorating for it, but have not done it in three years. My daughter, her hubby and our granddaughter moved in with us, so we moved whatever wasn't necessary to the storage buildings. So I have no way to get to my tubs of seasonal decor. I was smart enough to insist that Christmas decor stay close to the front. We had no idea they would still be here three years later. LOL! We have a full house, but it's also filled with love. So I guess I can forego the Fall decor for now and enjoy seeing it in blogland. :o)

  3. Yes, enjoy the beauty of the Fall season and Thanksgiving (and Halloween) for as long as you can. I enjoy each moment of every season although I must admit I'm partial to Fall And Winter since moving to the South where Summer is too hot for me! LOL! I love your decorating and what a great idea to "recover" your pillows for the season. I've always know frugal decorating and even when I got the chance to buy new later in thanks! I still go to thrift stores and garage sales etc. I enjoy it more that way! You're very smart and talented! I can't wait to see the new place!

  4. Your decor is just beautiful and I am not ready for Christmas either, even though blogland is pushing it hard and fast.

  5. I never start Christmas until after T-giving....why????? Thanksgiving is one of the most important days...we get everyone together (about 35 this year) and there is no gift pressure or anything. Just good friends, wonderful family and GREAT food!!!!! Yep...the best holiday I can think of. There will be softball games on the back 40, a gaggle of girls in the kitchen, puzzles in the den, babies EVERYWHERE and somebody playing one instrument or another in the LR. Of course the guys will have the TV blasting over everything until time to eat, then Grandmommie (me) lowers the boom and the TV is banished!!!!
    Your fall decos are perfect because I know you will add all of the above when the day rolls around!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  6. PS: (sorry) how far south of Orlando are you settling?????

  7. I thought you might like this idea to add to your fireplace front, in keeping with your inexpensive and homey decor. You have done well tommakemit look like home, instead of just a temporary stopover. Here is the link to the logs in the fireplace idea I thought you might enjoy. Thanks for a fun blog. It inspired me to pick up my own home and get decorating.

    1. Thanks so much for the idea! It's really cute and practical, I pinned it for future reference.


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