Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quick & Easy Garlic Bread

I know I said that the next recipe coming from The Farmhouse Skillet was going to be fried chicken, and it still is coming up soon.  I took the pictures yesterday and hope to have it posted next week. the mean time I just wanted to share this quick and easy idea with you.

The other day I was making spaghetti for dinner and realized that my CADD (Creative Attention Deficit Disorder) had kicked in again and I had gotten busy on projects and forgot to put the rolls out to thaw for garlic knots.  This kind of thing tends to happen pretty often with me.  So I did what I always saw my mom do when I was growing up and what has become almost 2nd nature to me in my years of cooking.  (Because like I said, I tend to err on the forgetful side.)

I grabbed a bag of leftover hamburger buns from the week before and began to prepare some last minute garlic bread.  It dawned on me that this was completely normal and natural to me, but maybe, just maybe, the idea wasn't as familiar to some of you.  So I got out my camera and decided to share it with you.

You can use any kind of buns really, they all work well for this, and it's a great way to use up the last few in a package or the ones you forgot about and are almost stale (there's the forgetful thing again - I may have a problem).  It'll be toasted so the "stale" factor really doesn't matter.  You can even throw the leftover buns in the freezer and save them just for this.

Just spread a thick layer of soft butter on them, sprinkle on some garlic powder, and even some grated Parmesan cheese if you want.

Lookin' yummy already!

Pop them under your broiler, set on low, for 2-3 minutes.
 (And make a mental note for the 176th time that you need to clean your oven.)

And voila!  You have surprisingly good garlic bread in less than 5 minutes!

So...did you already know about this trick?  Or is this idea new to you?
Be sure to let me know what you think if you decide to try it out.



  1. We have the same Mom, so it's natural. Have eaten it many times!! I just don't buy buns that often anymore...
    I'm more likely to have a box of garlic toast.
    Or to have a roll of biscuits and I found a great garlic knot recipe on Pinterest that uses biscuit dough! Fast, easy, yummy!

  2. Great idea! I am glad you shared this.

  3. I have done this before. I have even used bread too. I have mixed the butter, garlic, parmesan and some parsley together first then spread it on the buns or bread. Try putting it in a pan as if you were going to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Tastes great!

  4. I do this all the time. It is my kids favorite garlic bread. I never throw anything away around here. I love your header. Very cozy!!

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  6. I do this with bread...fry it in a skillet...actually my kids like this better than store

  7. My mom always melted the butter and added garlic salt and spread it on with a pastry brush. Yummy!

  8. My mom always did this when we were kids. Nothing like garlic bread in the form of a hot dog bun! Lol! In fact, I did it just last night with leftover hamburger buns. Why spend all the $ on frozen garlic bread when these are better?!

  9. My grandma started doing this years ago, but she added a little bit of mozzarella cheese to the tops, too. Better than the store bought stuff.

  10. I've never used hamburger buns just regular bread. Good, simple stuff. ~Susie~

  11. Yummmmm
    You can also use hot dog buns...just quarter them and you have......bread sticks :^)
    I sent you an email from my Yahoo account....
    Blessings to you,

  12. My hubby would prefer this kind over garlic bread! :) Makes my job easy!


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