Monday, February 4, 2013

Lost and Found ~ The Story of a Lamp

Last week, the kiddos and I went to a couple of local thrift stores and also visited the ReStore while we were out.  I didn't have nearly as much luck as I had hoped for, in fact the kids just about had better scores than me.  The 5 year old found a stuffed "Alex the Lion" from Madagascar in perfect condition.  She loves Alex!!  And the 2 year old found a whole set of Bob the Builder characters, which he also loves, and in perfect condition.

Me on the other hand, I found one thing.  
Three stores and two hours later and I spent a whoppin' $1.

BUT....I was actually mucho excited about my one thing. 

 This little vintage style lamp shade brought an end to a months long search.

Almost two years ago I found this lamp at a yard sale for $1. 
 It was in good working order, but the shade was missing.

I didn't care that it was lost, I actually liked it without it, kind of an Edison lamp style.  It suited me just fine for over a year and a half, but then a few months ago I realized I was tired of it's "nekkedness" and ready for it to have a shade.  My junkin' buddy actually has a pair of these exact same lamps, and I asked her to send me a picture of the shades that came with them so I could be on the look out for one.  For months I searched online and at thrift stores, etc. and came up empty. 

But then I found this little guy at the ReStore in a bin full of various orphaned glass shades.  It looked nothing like the picture I had of the original shades, but I just had a feeling it was going to be a great fit.

The lamp had a piece that screwed off that was made to hold the harp of the original shade in place.  It fit down in the new shade perfectly, so I used some super duty E9000 adhesive and glued it on.

And I was right.  It was a perfect fit!

Even Hubs really likes it and that's saying something.

I love the warm glow it gives off now, as opposed to the light being 
randomly thrown around the room like it was before with the bare bulb.

It's funny how such a small addition can have such a positive impact.

That brings the grand total for this lamp up to $2.

That's my kind of budget!

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  1. LOVE the new shade!! Perfect!!

  2. You're right, I love it with the shade, too. It's much more homey! Jean

  3. What a treasure, and great find. Love that you were so diligent in your search for a shade. It turned out just perfect for your spot. Kudos!!

  4. Love the lamp! Gives everything around it a soft look.

  5. I love it!!!....Good job....thanks for sharing

  6. Love the lamp, but I love it even more with the new shade. Looks great!!

  7. I'm a new reader to your blog and I just had to say that is the prettiest $2 lamp I have ever seen! Now I'm adding a lamp like that to the list of things I'm on the lookout for. :)

  8. I like it. it was "made" for it.ang

  9. Perseverance pays off! What a cute little lamp :) I just posted some photos of my revamped lampshades. I'd love to have you stop by!

  10. Ooooh! Very nice lamp! And for $2! What a steal! I love your side table too. ^^

  11. I adore lamps and yours is a cutie. In fact I am still thinkin' about a little lamp I saw where could I put it?

  12. I love it when a plan, er lamp, comes together! I am thrilled for you!


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