Thursday, January 10, 2013

Farmhouse Winter Mantel

I've been having so much fun shopping my house and coming up with some new arrangements for a January "winter" theme.

The shelf (or "mantel") in the above picture is how I had it last year.  It was cute and very "wintery," but this year I wanted something a bit more "junk-i-fied."

Here's this year's winter "mantel."  Only 2 things (besides the greenery) are not 2nd hand treasures.  The rest has been either thrifted or a yard sale find.

I decided to keep this snowman picture.  Partly for it's height and size, it's a good space filler, and partly because even though it was bought new a few years ago, it's sort of a repurposed item in that the scene is painted on corrugated metal.

My 2 year old spilled a whole box of flash cards and as I was cleaning them up I came across this one and knew I had to use it somewhere.

I moved this little evergreen bush from it's wire, apple-filled basket (I shared that picture on Facebook) to this metal bucket.  I think maybe it's supposed to be a champagne bucket because it has a removable plastic bucket that fits inside, but of course I've used it for everything but it's intended purpose.  : )

I love the little hook on the outside of it.  This snowflake is the 2nd item that was bought new instead of 2nd hand, though I've had it for years.

I even threw this vintage electric insulator into the mix.

I love that the variety of items keeps your interest, but the repetitive color palette keeps it unified and doesn't overwhelm you with a cluttered look. 

Up next will be the vignette I came up with for the coffee table.  It's another combination of found items and "new" items, as well as a DIY project.  I must say, I'm in love with it and can't wait to show you!

(Update - the winter coffee table vignette can be seen here)



  1. It's just darling and I like year 2 the best. The vintage and junky items make it so darn cute:)

  2. Very nice. Love the snowman frame. It's fun to shop our own house, you find things you forgot all about. At least I do :)

  3. Love your winter looks great!!

  4. So very the flashcard idea.


  5. I love your mantel . You shopped your house for just the right stuff!

  6. Love your "junky" winter decor, looks so cozy, I'm now a follower!

  7. so pretty!
    I think I'm in dire need of decorating for a winter scene.
    It's chilly and spring can't come fast enough...but a Snowy scene on a shelf would be pretty!

    via SSL, Pat


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