Monday, November 5, 2012

A Shabby Chic Bed Makeover

I've been focused on my Etsy shop and just life in general these past couple of weeks, so I don't have anything new to blog about yet, BUT...the other day I realized I have never shared my daughter's bed makeover here on this blog.  It was one of the first makeovers I did for her room and I shared it on our family blog last year, but hadn't posted it here since I started this one.

This is what her room looked like for her first few years of life.  

It was adorable and I loved it, but as she got older she was outgrowing the nursery decor and needed an updated room.  She love love loves the color pink and I eventually decided to go with a Shabby Chic theme that could grow with her for a few more years.

In my "hunting and gathering" phase of getting ready for this room makeover, I searched and searched Craigslist and thrift stores for the perfect bed. But it was so hard! Everytime I thought I'd found the perfect one either it was already sold, the seller never responded to my inquiry, or it was too expensive. Then I came across this one that an acquaintance was selling. I almost passed it up without a second glance thinking it was not a pretty sight.  But then I pictured it white, shabbied up, and with a little extra detailing to make it more feminine and realized that underneath that dark wood ugliness, it really did have great lines. Perfecto! At last I'd found a bed for her.
(Notice that original beadboard  we had in that house?!?  I miss it SO much!)

I sanded it down a bit, bought a $4 scrolly thing (that's the technical name) and epoxied it on. This was when we still lived on the ranch in Florida, so our nosy horses had to check it all out, sniff it, bite it, and knock it over while I was trying to prime it.  (I miss them SO very much too!)

All primed, but not yet "shabbied" up.

And here it is after some distressing with sandpaper. I decided I didn't necessarily want it to have a "discolored" aged look, so I didn't glaze it. I wanted it to be white and just have a shabby/chippy look, but I still wanted to emphasize the details in the scrolly thing a bit more. So I used a very fine paint brush with some black paint and filled in the lines here and there to make it stand out more.

Once we got moved into our current house I got all the bedding ordered and we were able to put it all together finally.  It was the perfect fit!

So that was my first furniture makeover for her new big girl Shabby Chic room.

I'm still trying to get more Etsy stuff done, but I'll be back again soon, I promise.  


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  1. Yay, a new post... I've been 'checkin' in on you :) I love her bed! I need to get the furniture in Katrina's room shabbied up...sigh.

  2. Hi Stephanie: Pretty bedroom for your daughter. I love the soft colors of the quilt and pillows. Headboard came out wonderfully, you couldn't have made a better choice. Love the picture with the horses..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. This is really pretty! What a good makeover of the bed! Where did you get the pretty bedding?

  4. That turned out really pretty. Great job!!

  5. Great for a "big"girl room!! She is so cute!!
    I would miss the horses too...we used to have them and a few cows as well! I miss them all, but would be too lazy now to take care of them :^( Pushing 70 is all the exercise I can stand :^)
    Blessings to you,

  6. Thanks everyone! In answer to a question above, the bedding came piece by piece from eBay. I'm thinking it's all part of the Rachel Ashwell line that was sold at Target at one time, but I can't remember for sure.

  7. Just beautiful. I love the linens too!

  8. Love it! also love the pic of the horse, he seems to like it too ;-)

  9. So cute! Love this make-over! I love seeing your horses too...we love our horses and their different personalities...I am sure you miss them a ton! Newest follower! Stacey @

  10. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)


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