Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farmhouse Fall Decor {Part 4}

I am finally bringing you the 4th and final installment of my Fall decor - the porch.  I don't have any overall pictures of the porch because really and truly it's sort of an awkward little porch to begin with, plus I've been lazy about the weed situation doesn't make for pretty pictures.

But I'll show you the little vignette areas.

This set up is in the left corner of the porch, so it's to the left of the front of the door and just under the mailbox. I turned a $1 wooden crate up on end and topped it with my vintage watering can (bought at an estate auction years ago) and a couple of funky gourds.  Inside, I place the little orange lantern on top of an old wooden cheese box, and used some faux berries for extra interest.  Surrounding it are some gorgeous mums in a galvanized minnow bucket (I didn't color saturate these pictures, they really are that bright and beautiful!  I love 'em.)  and a friendly ol' rooster.

The only thing that was not a cheapo second hand find is the berries....well, and the gourds.  

To cover up the odd sized candle holder in the lantern, I just placed a roll of twine/jute around it.

This berry wreath hangs on the door.  I've had this for years too, only this year I added the bow.  I ended up not using the ribbon anywhere else in my decorating, but it's too cute not to use.  So, I added it to the wreath.

To the right of the door, and up onto the weirdly higher level 2nd area of the porch, I made this display.    Can you believe I only paid $4.25 each for those huge mums?!?  They are from a local greenhouse.  Plants that big would cost $15 at most other places.

I got the galvanized bucket this summer for $1, the orange tin was full of hardware that I wanted and I paid $1.50 for all of it, and the burlap sack underneath was a yard sale freebie.

The old glass jar has some faux bittersweet branches in it.  Sure wish I had the real thing.

Now, just to the right of that display and back down to ground level is this area.  More humongo mums (the red one isn't opening as quickly as the rest so it's not quite as vibrant looking).  You might remember the little ladder I found this summer for .50, and the galvanized bucket was another freebie.

Here's another area where I was wishing I had some real bittersweet branches.  I wanted to intertwine them around the ladder.

And now, a few "just for fun" pictures.

So, there ya have it!  That's the last of my Fall decor.  If you would like to see what I did with the porch last year you can see that {here}.  That post also has the overall pictures of the porch if you'd like to see it in all it's weirdness.

And with that, I have to break the news that I'm taking a bit of a blogging break.  My stash of yard sale treasures has grown quite huge while my Etsy shop inventory is dwindling.  I really need to focus some time and energy on that for a little while.  

But don't lose heart, I'll be back real soon.  And if you haven't already, be sure to become a fan of the Facebook page.  I'm sure I'll be posting a few updates there in the meantime.

** Part 1 of the Fall decor posts can be seen {here}, part 2 is {here}, and part 3 is {here}. **


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  1. Hi Stephanie. So colorful and screams 'fall'. Just love it . So appropriate for your cozy farmhouse..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Fall is such a pretty season. I LOVE your mums! I didn't buy any this year. After seeing how pretty yours are, I wish I would have.

  3. The little ladder s a really great idea!

  4. Such beautiful fall decor. So many great touches to welcome your guests!

  5. Such a cute vignette! Love your little bucket-and what a steal!

  6. Good Morning Stephanie! I recently found your blog and wanted to let you know I am enjoying my visit. I have been going through your old post. It is a pleasure to look at all of your decor and thrifty finds. I look forward to getting to to know you!

    May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  7. It's all so pretty! That's an amazing prize on those HUGE mums!!

    Enjoy your break!

  8. Those mums are really beautiful and everything looks GREAT!!
    I'm with you regarding the bittersweet. As invasive as it is, I would be SO glad to have it!! Growing up in the northeast spoiled me for what WON'T grow in Texas :^( Oh well, we have gorgeous bluebonnets in the spring that make up for a lot!!
    Blessings to you as you take a break....just don't forget to come back..I'll be here on the porch waiting...

  9. My absolute most favorite color of fall mum. Sell tons!!


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