Thursday, October 11, 2012

Farmhouse Fall Decor {Part 3}

Ok, so today we're finally finishing up the Fall decor inside the house. (If you're  just now joining us, Part 1 can be seen {here} and Part 2 is {here}.) Next week I'll have one more post of the porch/outside decor and that'll do it.  The mums are about half way to being fully bloomed, so if the wind doesn't beat 'em to death first it should make for some pretty pictures.

So here we are in the kitchen.  The doorway just to the left of the fridge leads to the living room which I showed you first.

I kept it pretty simple in here this year, not making nearly the amount of changes I have in the past.

On top of the fridge, I just simplified the display (the 'before' can be seen {here}) and added a small faux pumpkin and a sprig of berries.

I had to show you this shot.  See the frowny face drawing?  My 5 year old drew that one day when she was not happy with me, but instead of telling me she was mad she drew that picture and gave it to me.  I had never seen her draw a frowning face before, they're always smiling, so this just cracked me up.  I keep it up there because it makes me smile every time I look at it.

This pencil holder is a recent little project I did.  I used to keep a pen hanging next to the magnetic list on a string that I had rigged up with a magnet.  It wasn't pretty, and it was aggravating getting it on and off the string, but it worked.  Then one day I came across this idea, via Pinterest of course, and thought, "Hey! I have a whole stash of mustard tins that someone gave me.  I could totally do this."  So I did.  I just glued a magnet on the back that I had saved off of the previous magnetic paper pad, and voila!  A much handier and cuter pencil/pen holder.

Let me just apologize ahead of time for the lighting in these next several pictures.  It's not that great.  I had to just fit picture taking time in wherever I could this week and the light wasn't so good.  Especially trying to get a shot up under the cabinets.

Anyways, I changed up the little arrangement on top of my crate canister holder.  
("Before" can be seen {here})

Now, I don't decorate for Halloween.  Never have and most likely never will.  But this little arrangement unintentionally took on a dark, understated "Halloweenish" look (in my opinion anyways), so...using one of the new Halloween overlays from PicMonkey, here's my one and only nod to Halloween.


Just a quick note here - that poultry medicine bottle belonged to my grandparents.  My dad just recently brought it to me when they visited.  Can you see the price down there on the bottom?  One whole dollar.  : )

On this shelf above the table I just changed out the towel for a Fall colored one and added a candle and some berries.  Usually, I take everything off and put up a completely different display of just Fall stuff.  But...I wanted it more simple this year.

I found the cute little rusty pumpkin candle holder at Goodwill for .79.

Some other touches of Autumn in here are a different sign above the stove, a "new" bucket to hold the utensils, and a warm colored rug and towel.

I've had this sign for a few years now and it's one of my favorites, I just love it.

And lastly, I have this little arrangement on the table.  A plaid placemat that I adore, a set of leaf salt and pepper shakers (given to me by a friend a few years ago), another cozy candle, and an old wooden box as a napkin holder.

Isn't it lovely?  I got it at a garage sale this summer for $1.50.

Here's another repurposed item that I've never showed you.  My mom gave me this little retro sprinkles bottle for Christmas a few years ago, and ever since I've used it as a toothpick holder.  The holes in the lid are the perfect size for shaking out a "pick-tooth" after dinner.  Which, by the way, apparently the British do NOT do!  My sister married a man from England and the first time he came over for a big family meal we started passing around the toothpicks after dinner.  He took one, but out of the corner of my eye I could see him holding it like some foreign object and discreetly looking around trying to figure out what in the world these uncivilized Americans were doing with these things!  LOL!  That still makes me laugh even 7 years later.  : )

Well, that's it for this week.  Unless I find some great things at a rummage sale I'm hitting up tomorrow, then I'll share that with you.  If not, I'll see ya right back here next week with my rustic farmhouse porch decor.


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  1. Looks great! I am cracking up over the toothpick story! Forgot that! He still rarely uses one. Sometimes after being at the chinese buffet he'll grab one on the way out. :-) Too funny!

  2. I love all your decorations...I love it was perfect for I liked the toothpick story....too funny

  3. Very cozy and comfy Stephanie. I went back to view 1 and 2, everything is lovely. I think I might have seen them featured on a blog earlier. I remembered the table from a pallet that you repurposed before, I love that piece! It was a nice tour of your home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is one of the warmest, coziest, and most inviting kitchens I've seen in a long time. Wish it were mine!

  5. What a sweet treat, Stephanie. I love the warm colors of Fall. Your home is so nicely accented with cozy Autumn charm.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Carolynn xo

  6. I knew you must be a child of mine!! Yaay for someone else who stays off the halloween band wagon!! I am not a total scrooge though I would like to be... I give out pencils and little bags of pretzels to any kidlet who rings the doorbell, but they also get a small tract about how the demons run scared at the name of Jesus! It is child appropriate and I get them from our Bible supplier. It is quite cute!
    Hugs to you and your littles,
    Grandma Jaybird

  7. HI there!! I Just looove all the little details in your decorating! The tin on the fridge for pencils... the toothpick holder... so sweet! =)


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