Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Friday Finds #13

Here we are again, another week has gone by and the kiddos and I headed out for another morning of yard sales today.  There weren't that many, I think they're starting to fizzle out for the summer.

Total spent - $6.50

Vintage wooden balancing/stacker toy - $1  (going in the shop)

Vintage spice rack - $3

I actually found this yesterday at Goodwill.  The jars have a great apothecary style to them, but they have flowers etched on them.  I can't wait to paint up the rack and add some cute labels to the jars to cover up the floral design. 

Wooden piece from a dresser - .50

This piece is supposed to sit on a dresser like this to hold a mirror (at least that's what the woman who was selling told me), but....

I envision moving this great old hardware to the front so it's more visible, and...

turning it over this way to use as more of an architectural type piece.  
I plan to use it in my Fall decorating.

Industrial style vintage school chairs - $1 each.

These have a bit of a story with them, well for me they do anyways.  I followed the sign for this particular sale and as I pulled onto the street and spied the house down the road I realized I had been at a sale at this exact same house back in the Spring at the beginning of yard sale season.  I remembered they had some great little school chairs for only a dollar each, but I decided to pass them up because my car was already pretty full and I didn't feel like trying to stuff them in since I wasn't even sure about them in the first place.  I've regretted not purchasing them ever since.  So what are the odds that almost 5 months later I would end up at the exact same house and that they would still have the chairs?!?  Pretty good apparently.  They are destined for the shop.

I'll sure be sad to see the yard sales drift off into hibernation for the winter, BUT it will give me more time to actually photograph and list all these goodies in my Etsy shop.  : )



  1. Stephanie, are the chairs kids chairs or adult size?

  2. The Playskool wooden toy is AWESOME! As are the chairs! You are just too lucky where you are at for sales and deals!!

  3. Those are all wonderful finds, Stephanie! I do love those chairs! They're adorable! Like you, I will hate to see yard sale season go, but I am ready for fall!

    Have a great weekend! :)


  4. Always love a good, inexpensive find at a garage sale or goodwill. Very addicting!

  5. Good finds!!! I love the toy!
    Yes, yard sales are winding down, and we are sad to see them go as well :^(
    I guess the thrifts will get more business now!
    Hugs to you all,


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