Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yard Sale Treasures

Just wanted to pop in here and show you some of my favorite finds from my day of yard sales yesterday.  And when I say "day" I mean DAY.  A friend of mine went with me to a nearby town that was having community yard sales, and we started at 9am and got back home at 4pm.  My car was loaded down!  The trunk was completely full and we had begun putting things under the kids' feet.  : )  A fun day indeed!

This isn't all my purchases, just my favorites.  I was super excited to get that ice cream maker for $2!  Several months ago we borrowed one from a family in our church and the resulting ice cream was amazing.  Can't wait to make some more.

I got this old Dr. Pepper crate for $7.  That particular sale was actually in the process of closing up for the day, but they said we could take a quick look around.  I spotted this on the floor off to the side away from the tables of stuff.  I asked if it was for sale and she said, ", I hadn't even thought of selling it."  I asked her if she'd be interested in selling it and we settled on $7.  Love it!

Okay, now this baby made this country girl's heart happy.  I have wanted one of these scales for a very long time, but was never willing to pay the $20-$30 most of them were priced at.  I found this little rusty, crusty piece of perfection for $10.  It doesn't have any indication as to the brand, but it does have a patent year of 1913, and along the bottom it says, "Not legal for use in trade."

I got the little colander thing-a-ma-jig out of a box of free stuff, and the old leather suitcase cost me a whoppin' $1.  Well, actually less than that because I bought 2 other things from the same sale and got a bit of a discount on the total price.

In my previous post about the master bedroom makeover I mentioned that I wanted to find a suitcase for the suitcase table that was more of a brown or tweed color to replace the green one and this one is perfect.  After I snapped this picture I took some leather cleaner/conditioner to it and it cleaned up bee-u-tiful!  It's gorgeous.

And I just love love love the little metal brand tag on it.  It has such a great vintage feel to it.

Anyways, just wanted to share my treasures with you.  
Anyone else finding anything great lately?



  1. Wow, you did score some great finds! I ended up not garage saling at all this weekend. :(

  2. The little scale photographed nicely!

  3. Hi Stephanie, oh you did well at this sale...I love all your stuff! The suitcase is going to be a great addition to your bedroom. Hope you have a great evening, don't forget to watch the Supermoon Tonight! Hugs

  4. You have found some definite treasures! Love your Dr. Pepper crate, and that suitcase is perfection at its vintage finest! Fun:-)

  5. Ahhhhh it was a GREAT weekend for garage sales!!
    I found an Edison light bulb for you. If you will email me, we will decide how to get it to you!
    jbmusik at yahoo dot com

  6. Great treasures, I really need to get out there more, I'm missing sooooo much! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. you find the greatest pickins I never find anything nice like that once in a blue moon maybe


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