Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thank you to all of our military past and present for your service to our country, especially those that sacrificed their lives.  
We will not forget.

This is my husband during 1 of 3 tours to Iraq with the Marines.  That's his IED sniffing dog, Daisy, that he trained and handled over there.  So thankful for his service, but even more thankful he made it through unharmed.

We're off to enjoy the parade this morning, then grillin' some ribs and fresh corn on the cob, then it'll be time for homemade ice cream!  Having Hubs home for a whole extra day is a real treat for us.  I plan to enjoy it to the fullest.  

See ya back here tomorrow.


  1. Yes, thank you to all of you who sacrificed for our freedom and the freedom of others. That includes you and your husband as it is a sacrifice for the families left behind also. God Bless all of you! And the canines too....I tell my Rottweiller, Serenity, all the time that she's reincarnated from a previous war or her relatives were war dogs because she will crawl across the lawn for quite a distance as I imagine dogs did crawling through trenches. She's probably just scratching her stomach but I have a vivid imagination! LOL!

  2. Hi Stephanie: A huge thank you to your husband for serving to keep us safe and a huge thank you to you also, as I'm sure it couldn't be easy. We are so glad that he is home safe and sound and God Bless you both and your family..Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot. Another huge thank you to that beautiful dog..Judy


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