Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Sweet Little Pitcher

Whew!  The past week or two have just seemed so busy and I haven't done much as far as projects go.  Even now, my kiddos are probably wreaking havoc in my daughter's room, and I really should be getting supper started.  But for me, once I get a bee under my bonnet  a blog post forming in my mind, I just have to get it "on paper" before I can cocentrate on anything else.  Anyone else out there like that?

Anyways, today I'm {quickly} bringing you a little project that I actually did complete.  Can you believe this took me like 2 weeks?!?  So it goes with 2 little ones running around. 

I found this ugly interesting little pitcher at Goodwill for .99.  With it's looks I thought it might sit on that shelf forever, so I figured I'd breathe a little new life into it.

I spray painted it white and used Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff to "shabby" it up.

I think it might be a tad bit easier to love now.

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  1. Very cute! I will have to say, you have an eye for potential! I'd have passed that thing up.... :) But you've worked your magic on it and it's so much better! ~Rachel

  2. Wow! From uh-guh-ly to bee-u-tyful! What a difference some paint can make. Of course, I would've used copper instead of gold though. ;)


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