Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Picture....Finally!

Below is the picture I've had on my sidebar since I started this blog.  Titled "The Current (Rented) 'Farmhouse.' "  It's had a caption underneath promising ''an improved picture coming soon."  Well.....FINALLY I got around to taking a few.  (But now Blogger is not allowing me to update it in the sidebar, so I'll have to try to fix that later.)

This was a super quick picture, taken with my little point & shoot, before we ever moved in.

10 months later I finally got around to taking a better one.

Can you believe I only paid $4.25 a piece for these mums?!?  My landlady told me about the place, a local greenhouse.  They are gorgeous!  I bought 4 of them.

The rusty orange plant isn't quite as fully in bloom as the red ones, yet. 
(You can see the yellow one sitting in the birdbath at the far right end of the house.)

Anyways, just wanted to share an updated and improved picture of the "farmhouse."


  1. Stephanie I love love your mums! The after picture really shows the house better...and you have a charming home! Thanks for sharing it with us! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!


  2. Looks great. Love your red mums too. Thanks for joining me. FYI every Monday I host a newbie party and would love to have you.


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