Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dollar Store Chic{k}

Some of you probably know that birds seem to be all the rage here lately in the decorating world.  They're popping up everywhere with their chirpy cuteness.  Well, I saw a really pretty ivory one at JoAnn's that I thought would look adorable in Halie's room on this little miniature shabby chair I had bought her.  But...with a $12 price tag...it continued to grace the shelves of the store and we left without it.

A few days later we were in the dollar store searching for a glass piece I need for an upcoming project, and we came across this lil' fella.  He had the right shape, (and definitely the right price), just not the right colors.  We took him home and named him Fred.  Not really.  But we did take him home.

I gave him a couple of coats of Candy Pink spray paint, then dry brushed some sage green craft paint all over him and rubbed a good bit of it off.  

I like how he turned out, and he really does look adorable on that chair.

AND I like the price tag of $1 much better than $12, how 'bout you?

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  1. Like it! I was cracking up about the superpower goggles...I think Greg would like to find mine and throw them away! :) I have a garage full of things have potential. The sprayed flower holder looks great, too. Several years ago I paid good money for a set from Home Interior. I can't believe how much yours looks like those! Great job!

  2. Isn't it amazing what miracles spray paint can do? I dream of having a can of every color out there!

  3. So cute! I will be on the lookout at the dollar store next visit! :)

  4. What a difference! I love it! It looks so cute on the chair. What a great piece.

  5. What a difference! I love it! It looks so cute on the chair. What a great piece.


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