Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Story of a Sign (Opinions Needed)

I had wanted to get this post shared yesterday on the first day of fall, but that just didn't happen.  Oh well, one day late isn't too bad though.  

I wanted to share just the tiniest bit of my fall decor with you, but mostly I wanted to share the story of a sign.

This cute little chalkboard (leftover from last year's Christmas banquet) is hanging on the corner of one of my very favorite yard sale purchases.....maybe of all time.

I got this set of 3 authentic farm signs from a yard sale for only $10.  But it wasn't just any random yard sale I was at.  No, this one was meant to be and this sign was meant to be mine.

Let me explain.

A couple of years ago I shared the picture below on the Facebook page because I was really excited that I had found a local farm that sold raw milk (plus I loved their cute sign).  We had just recently moved back to Florida and were trying out different churches in the area.  At one of the churches we met the family who lived on this farm and that's how we discovered the local source of raw milk. 

We visited their farm a couple of times and fell in love with how sweet and loving their whole family was.  The last time we visited them they told us that they felt they had been called to go to Romania to be missionaries.  (The wife was originally from there.)  Well, life happened, time went by, we bought a house and were busy moving and such and we never did get back to visit them again.  When I realized it was close to the time they said they would be leaving the country we made one last trip to their farm hoping to say good-bye to them and get some info on how to stay in contact.  But sadly, they were already gone.  

I always regretted that life had been so busy and we hadn't taken the time to see them again.  I didn't know if we'd ever get the chance to see them again and that made me sad.  

Well, about 8 months or so went by and one day I was scouring the local newspaper looking for upcoming yard sale listings.  One of them caught my eye and from the description of it I just knew it had to be them!  I didn't know how it could possibly be since they were supposed to be across the ocean, but somehow I knew it just had to be.  So that Friday morning I packed up the kids and we drove across town in search of the sale.  Sure enough, it was them!  They had gone to Romania, but had to come back for a couple of months to finish dealing with the sale of their farm.

The wife and I stood there talking for probably half an hour as she shared their ministry with me and the miracles that God had done for them while there and how He had amazingly provided for each and every need.  I felt so encouraged and blessed by our talk and so thankful I had found them again.  I gave her our information and asked them to stay in contact with us and to continue to share their ministry with us.  

After we finished talking she encouraged me to look around at what they had for sale and see if there was anything we'd like to buy.  It didn't take me long to spot their milk sign leaning up against the barn, as well as the other two little signs they had used in the driveway.  

I was so excited to be able to take it home, because not only is it an adorable and perfect farmhouse style sign, but it also has a story and sentimental meaning behind it.  Now every time I look at it I think of them and it helps me remember to pray for them and their ministry.  

I love it when pieces in my home have a story.

I made a grouping of all 3 signs on a big blank wall in our dining room.  I had never put anything on this wall because I didn't want to hang up just anything ol' thing.  I knew that someday, somehow, the perfect piece would find me and I would know it when I saw it.

And that's just what happened with this milk sign.  I knew it was meant to be.

The sign is fairly large, over 2 feet wide by more than 3 feet long.  It's perfectly aged and weathered, and beautifully chippy.  Absolutely perfect for our home.

Now let me show you some perspective on where this is at and get some opinions from you all.  This is the wall in the dining room where it's located.  The doorway to the right on the edge of the picture leads to the laundry room as well as what we use as the main entrance to our home.  The doorway on the left of the picture is my son's room.  You can see all of his little art work he's taped on there.  Just keepin' it real folks.  :)  You can also see the corner of the table on the bottom left.

That's a big space to fill!  I don't intend to leave the two smaller signs there permanently.  I'd like to have some other sort of items paired with the milk sign, I just haven't figured out what yet.  The possibility of lanterns hanging on each side crossed my mind, maybe some greenery like a boxwood wreath or something would go well with it.  I'm just not sure and the perfect inspiration hasn't hit me yet.  So for now, the two little signs keep the milk sign company and help fill up the large space until I come up with something better.  

And that's where I need your opinions.  What would you guys put with this gorgeous milk sign?

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  1. I don't have any decorating ideas, but your story is so cool!

  2. I don't have any decorating ideas, but your story is so cool!

  3. Sweet story. How about something using milk bottles.

  4. Oh my word. That story is the most awesome story EVER. It just made me smile and smile. I'm so happy you got the signs. Even if you had paid a ton of money they would've been worth it just for the story. As for what to put with that gorgeous sign? Wowzers. That is a tough one. And honestly as creative as you are, I don't think you need any help! It'll come to you. - Dori -

  5. Great story! I think a shelf hung above the sign would look great with 3 different size milk bottles, a cow creamer, a picture of a cow to either sit on the shelf or hang on wall. Because you have the egg sign I would also add some kind of chicken wire object. Below the shelf I would add a milk can and a wooden stool.

  6. There are so many good ideas posted here. I think a shelf centered above the egg sign & 2 others on either end midway decorating with all farm type stuff. IE: metal tractors, red checked items, etc. I would add some hooks on the shelves tho to hang some other items.You'll get 'er done! Blessings, Jenny

  7. LOVE that sign. What about a piece of barnwood roughly the same length as the sign hung above it with pegs or square nails so that you could change it out when you wanted with greenery, lanterns, creamers, etc. or just rope or twine coming off the ends of each side so it looked like the sign was hanging from the board. What a beautiful place it had in your heart and dining room!

  8. How about a fake cow head, Miss Mustard Seed style, like this one: It is sold out, but would give you the idea.

  9. What an awesome story. So happy for you. I have no creativeness in me so don't have any ideas but can't wait to see what you do.


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