Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quick Update Post

I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still here and to share a couple of quick updates with you.

  The weather has started to cool down just slightly here in north Florida and I've got all my fall decor spread around the house trying to get it all set up and looking cozy.  I don't have any final pictures to share just yet, but I wanted to give you a hint at one of the big changes I'm making.

I shared the above picture with you back at Christmas time and it shows you the red buffalo check curtains that are usually in the dining room....well, that's about to change.

These burlap curtains were previously in me and Hubs bedroom back when we lived in Ohio.  They weren't currently being used, so I got the idea of replacing the red checked curtains with these in the dining room for the fall months.  I'm loving the temporary change.  I'll share the final pictures of the dining room soon.

Another quick little thing I wanted to share is this idea I found on Pinterest.


Someone had used a little lidded basket in their fall decor and I pinned it because my mom or my grandma had just given me a very similar one that I didn't know what to do with.

Here's a not-so-great cell phone shot of my version.  I never would have thought to use it this way, and I'm really liking it.  It's something different I've never tried before.

And the last little bit of update news, if you missed it on the Facebook page, we found out we're having another little girl!!! We're very excited for her to arrive, only 3 more months to go!  


  1. Congats on the soon-to-be new girl in the family! You could pin some dollar-store leaves on the burlap curtains to give them even more Fall appearance. Richard in Charlotte, NC.

  2. Great idea from Richard (above) and congrats on your baby girl! I didn't know you were expecting. I have a picnic basket just like the one in the first picture....I am definitely going to be doing something like that with it! Thanks for the ideas. Actually I really liked the red gingham curtains. I'm not a big fan of burlap although I know everyone else is! LOL!

  3. Congratulations on your soon to debut, little girl!
    Your basket looks great, you'll have fun decorating it for the seasons! Love your red & white checked curtains but the burlap is perfect for fall! Nice to see a post from you!

  4. Sooo excited about your baby girl. :) No, I did not make the booties and hat. I purchased them thinking I could send them to someone sometime. :) Thanks for your sweet note. I LOVE your burlap curtains.

  5. Yaaaayyy for girlies!!!! I bet your daughter is excited :^) You take good care of yourself!!
    I love your curtains and new signs. Everything looks so pretty and I'm hoping that you are having a few cool breezes as well.
    Blessings to you,


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