Monday, November 17, 2014

A Christmas Feed Sack Shower Curtain

Ok, so this is the post I have been so excited to share with you guys!!  
Once the idea for this project hit me I couldn't wait to get it finished, and then once I had it finished I couldn't wait to get it photographed and up on the blog to share with my readers.   

You probably remember several months ago I shared my DIY "feed sack" shower curtain I made out of painter's drop cloth.

Well, since then I've started selling them in my Etsy shop and they are selling surprisingly well!  I have a waiting list that takes me well into next year!  Well, in the midst of making one of these curtains for a customer I messed up and made it too short for the order.  I folded it up and just tossed it in my basket of scraps until I could figure out what to do with it.

A couple of weeks later this idea hit me and I decided that instead of using it for scraps I'd turn it into another curtain for myself.  It was too short for the ones I sell in the shop, but it wasn't too short for me.  So I came up with a whole new design, this time for Christmas.

A reindeer feed sack!  
I'm loving how it turned out and it's such a fun change for the holiday season. 

I changed up the font from the original curtain, found a reindeer clip art that was free, made the stripes on the sides red instead of the usual grey, and added "North Pole Granary" to it.  My husband asked me, "Shouldn't that be 'grainary?'"  But I Googled it before I painted it to make sure, and it is indeed "granary."  I'm not exactly sure why the "i" gets dropped, just another annoying quirk of the English language I guess.

I kept it pretty simple.  I didn't want anything about Santa Claus or magic on it like I've seen on some of the other reindeer themed pillows and such that are out there.  There really are reindeer (caribou if you want to be technical), and there really is a North Pole so I can feel comfortable that I'm not spreading any lies to my little ones.  : )  We've never told them that Santa is real, but we've never told them that he's not real either.  We've always just let him be a fun part of Christmas, and we've known they would figure it out on their own eventually.  In fact, when I was working on this curtain my 7 year old asked me why I put a reindeer on it since Santa isn't real.  I asked her how she knew he wasn't real, and she said, "I just know."  So we had a conversation about how he's just a fun tradition, but there really are reindeer, they don't fly of course, but they're a real animal and there really is a place called the North Pole even if Santa isn't actually real.  I was thankful that I had never told her that he was, because when I was unexpectedly asked about it point blank I didn't have any feelings of guilt for having lied to her, she didn't have any blame for me or my husband, and she can still keep enjoying him as a fun part of Christmas while still knowing the true meaning of it all.  I understand that not everyone believes the way we do or handles the situation the same as us, to each their own, but this is how we've handled it in our home.

Anyways, back off of that rabbit trail.  : )  

I had so much fun coming up with this reindeer feed sack design and turning a messed up pile of scrap into something beautiful.  I'm loving it, my kiddos are loving it, and even Hubby was a little bit impressed.  : )

I'd love to hear what you think of my salvaged mistake! 


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  1. It's as cute as can be!!
    It fits nicely with the farmhouse style.
    Way to make something adorable from your 'mistake'. :) :)

  2. Love your " mistake" and I love the way you handle the Santa situation with your children..

  3. Love your "mistake" and how you handled Santa!

  4. oh my goodness....I LOVE IT!!!!.....and I loved how you handled the question!!!.....we let our kids keep him as fun part of Christmas and they know the real meaning of Christmas, but I like traditions too.....thanks for showing us your "mess up"

  5. That's a great idea.I'm not surprised you have a waiting list. Your Christmas curtain certainly was a happy accident.

  6. So very creative!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. What a cute idea!!! You are a genius with your shower curtains!!
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your decorations!

  8. I love both styles of your shower/bath curtain. Wonderful idea and the red gives the one a nice pop of color. I am headed over to Etsy now..

  9. Did you use a different fabric on this curtain than the first one?

  10. Love it do you ship to Canada?
    Also price, size


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