Monday, August 18, 2014

A DIY Knock-Off Makeover

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a positive comment on my last post.  I really had no idea what the reaction would be, I just knew I needed to write it, come what may.  All of your sweet and loving comments sure meant a lot to me, so thank you!  I've taken a couple of blogs off of my reading list that were making me feel less than content after reading them, I don't need that pressure in my life.  I haven't been perusing Pinterest quite so much either, wishing and wanting and feeling poor because my house isn't magazine worthy like "theirs."  And you know what?  I've been better for it.  My whole attitude is so much more positive and I just feel happier and more "in the moment."  I will always love decorating, that's just who I am, and I'll always love projects and yard sales, I can't ignore that side of me.  But...when a thought starts to come to mind of, "Man I wish I had...." I just stop it right there and focus on what I do have.  I still have things I want to do to the house, but all in good time.  I no longer feel so anxious about it.

Anyways....on to today's post!

I've slowly but surely been plugging away at the kids' bathroom makeover.  I put up a mini-gallery wall in there a couple of months ago, but I've never shown it to you because 1) I'm a terrible procrastinator and the frames STILL don't have pictures in them (I finally ordered them though!), and 2) I was missing the last piece of the collection.

I knew I wanted that last piece to be a small wall clock and I found this cute retro one online and just loved it.  It had the perfect look and the perfect size.  BUT....


It cost $60!!

There was absolutely no way I could afford to pay that much for a small clock, nor would I do it even if I could afford it.  That's a bit much for my taste.

So, a few weeks went by while I pondered my dilemma and then I came up with an idea.  A few more weeks went by before I finally remembered to look at the clock section at Walmart.  (Procrastination....air-headedness...see the pattern?)

  I was thinking I could probably find a basic clock for around $10.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this one for only $4.

I brought it home and took it all apart.

I don't have pictures of the next few steps because I was figuring it out as I went, but basically I found an image online of a vintage school clock that I liked.  I uploaded the image to PicMonkey and edited the clock hands out of the picture.  Then I brought the image into my Print Master program on my computer as clip art, enlarged it to the correct size, and printed it out on card stock.  I very carefully cut it out, made a hole in the center for the clock mechanism to fit through, applied a tiny bit of glue stick to the back of it and laid it in place.  

I put it all back together...

and ended up with this!

                                                Before                                                                                                 After

I'm pretty happy with my newly "retro" styled clock.

The only thing I need to change is the second hand.  A friend suggested that I paint it red like the inspiration one, an idea that hadn't even occurred to me before that.  I love the idea and I plan to do it....probably a few weeks from now.  :D

The pictures for the gallery wall should be in soon and when I get it all put together I'll be sure to show you.  There are some other changes on that same wall that I've kept a secret as well, and I'll reveal it all together.

Until then, I'm quite satisfied with my $56 savings and loving my new little $4 "vintage" clock!



  1. I love that clock!! What a great idea, I never even thought of that. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Great idea! I would have never thought to change out the number panel.

  3. I love this idea, I have two of those clocks, can't wait to try to make them over to better fit my vintage style. Love your blog you have great budget friendly ideas.

  4. Good idea!!!! it.....can't wait to see it all!!!

  5. I've been planning to do this very same thing. :) Great minds think alike. There are lots of neat old clock face graphics. I love how yours turned out! And painting the second hand red is a great idea.

  6. This is a sweet little project that may inspire the remake of many little Walmart clocks. :-)
    It turned out so nice.

  7. Stephanie you are positively amazing!!! I love your clock!!!! - Dori -

  8. Well---- I have never thought of printing out my own face for a cheap clock!! You got me ticking now. First try will be for my sewing room.. with some vintage sewing accessories printed on it! THANKS!
    Love it! ANYONE with excess money floating around can decorate. But for us on a budget… it gets so much more fun to meet that challenge!! :)
    Recently at a rummage I found huge white linen table cloths for a DOLLAR! Soon to become bedroom curtains. I also used your wonderful idea of using canvas paint cloths. They now cover my basement patio doors. Great fabric! (I spatter painted them with the room colors.. since they ARE paint drop cloths after all!)

  9. This s great!!!! Love when something comes together for much less!!!!

    Hope your week us extra blessed!

  10. It is always good to remember not to judge a book(or blog) by it's cover. Blogs that look perfectly staged and expensive can be lived in by hurting, angry, drowning in debt individuals. Some of the most happy and content people in this world have no valuable earthly belongings. You are right to fix your mind and heart on be grateful for what you do have. Your home is lovely.

  11. Oh my gosh, Stephanie! What a great success......I love it, and what a bargain. Just goes to show where there's a will, there's a way! Jane

  12. So clever, I've never even thought of changing mine, I have one in the entry and one in the bathroom:)
    Now on to read your last post, I haven't been on here lately sort of took the summer off:)

  13. Bright AND clever!!!! I like your version the best.


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