Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick Little Before & After

I just wanted to pop in real quick this morning for a short little before & after post in my daughter's room.  
Last week I shared my Fun Friday Finds and showed you this collage of items I'd found for my daughter's room.

I put two of the things to use right away and just wanted to show you how it looks.

This is how her bed looked BEFORE.  When we bought our queen sized bed we gave her our double bed so that her room could also function as the guest room when we have company.  Of course, none of her twin sized bedding would fit so she was stuck with a red and tan bed skirt, and one of the many quilts I've acquired.  It didn't match the rest of her pink shabby chic style decor at all, so I've been on the lookout for some new bedding items for her.

I was so excited to find that pink ticking striped bedskirt for only $1 at a rummage sale!  I swapped it out with the old red and tan one, and simply flipped the red and white quilt over to it's all white side.  I folded here old twin sized patchwork comforter and laid it over the end of her bed. I also added in the "new" 99¢ aqua pillow.

Didn't it make such a big difference already?

Here's a little closer look at the old bedspread layed over the quilt and combined with the "new'' bedskirt.  
I love it!

A variety of pillows.

I still need to figure out what to do for another pillow sham so that she can have two pillows going across her bed instead of only a single line of them piled up.  : )  And hopefully we can get those ugly orange walls painted soon.



  1. Very nice! I don't have that wall color but I have that same color green carpet in my bedrooms. It's only about 40 years old and I would love to rip it up but right now I'm painting the bathroom ceiling. One step at a steps for me! LOL!

  2. HUGE difference. Really very pretty :)

    Have a great week!


  3. I think it will be a great mix between a Guest bedroom and a "Big Girl" bedroom. Love how you incorporate vintage items. Thanks for sharing your new adventures in FL. :)

  4. Her bedding does look nice. Good idea with using her twin quilt as an extra pop of color. You mentioned needing another big pillow to put at the head of the bed. Would you even dare to think of cutting off a piece of her twin quilt top to match the other pillow sham you have? It looks like it's the same match as the twin quilt.

    1. That's a great idea! And it would probably work IF I were a really good seamstress....which I'm not, lol! So I'll have to figure out something else. But thanks for commenting and giving me some ideas!

  5. I like the one allows the detail of the headboard to be visible. Just my two cents....:-)

  6. Nice. Love that quilt, by the way, even though I'm not usually big on quilts. :)

  7. Looks beautiful! I love the quilt. Such a wonderful addition to a farmhouse bedroom. Nice job!

  8. Stephanie - oh what a sweet room. It just looks like such a happy room for a little girl! - Dori -


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