Friday, April 4, 2014

Fun Friday Finds #21

 Welcome back to another edition of Fun Friday Finds, where I share all my secondhand treasures I've found throughout the week.

I was able to stop in at a couple of yard sales and a couple of thrift stores this week and I came away with a few fun things.

I found this great little ironstone style bowl for $1.  I actually have a graduating set of 3 of this exact same bowl that my mom gave me and I love them.  Why not have one more?  : )

This cute milk bottle was at a yard sale for a dollar.  It has a sweet cow on the front and on the back it says "Pure Milk".  It's also marked "Made in Italy" on the bottom.

This is a collection of things I found for my daughter's room.  We gave her our double bed since her room will also have to serve as a guest room, so she's been needing some bedding updates and just decor updates in general now that she's getting a little bit more "grown up."  She wants more aqua added in with the pinks she loves so dearly.  We're going for a collected, mis-matched but yet still goes together, vintage kind of a vibe.  I found the great old mirror for $2 at a yard sale (it's heavy!!...and needs a good cleaning), the aqua Better Homes & Gardens throw pillow at the thrift store for .99, a pink ticking striped bedskirt for $1 at a church rummage sale, and the dainty sweet tablecloth for $9 at a junktique store.  She has two windows right together in her room so I plan to cut it in half and sew a long valance out of it.

I had a dentist appointment on Thursday and so had left my kiddos with a sweet older lady from our church who watches them for me from time to time.  She always tells me to take my time and don't rush back and to get a little shopping in before I come pick them up.  Sweet right?!?  Well, I had done a bit of shopping, had picked up lunch and went and ate with Hubby on his lunch break, and stopped and checked out some free kittens (we're on the hunt for one).  By this time I was running short on time and needed to get back to pick up said kiddos so my littlest one could get his nap.

But as I was sitting at a stop light I could see the other thrift store I hadn't gotten to yet.  It was calling my name...and telling me there was a treasure inside just waiting to be discovered!  Have you ever had that happen?  You just get the feeling that there's something great you'll be missing if you don't go?  I've had it happen before, and it's usually right.  So I decided that I would skip the clothing and just check out the "stuff" superdeeduperdee quick.  That's when I found the aqua throw pillow as well as this beauty.

A great old vintage tablecloth for $2.50!  It has very minimal stains and no tears so it's in pretty good condition.  At first I thought I might try to do something with it for my daughter's room since it has the pink and aqua/vintage theme going on.  But when I looked closer I realized it has martini glasses on it and I decided that wasn't quite appropriate for a 6 year old's room.  These style of tablecloths have always sold really well in my Etsy shop so I was excited to find it and have something else to get listed.

That's it for me this week!  
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