Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Friday Finds #17

I spent the day with my kiddos, my best junkin' buddy and her daughter, shoppin' til' we dropped.  A local town has community yard sales every year and I always enjoy going, especially with friends.  

Here are my treasures from the day.

Total spent - $26.50

First up are these little wood and canvas camping/fishing stools - $2.  
I plan to clean them up and list them in my Etsy shop.  They were my only purchase for the day that I bought for resale.  Everything else I'm keeping.

Cute little red and white vintage coffee can - $2.  
Y'all know I love me some red.  

Little glass milk bottle - .50.
I like for my decor to have some meaning to it and provide memories when I look at it.  I loved that this little bottle has the city where we live.  Since we're moving in just a few short weeks, it'll be fun to have this little memento of our time spent here.

Vintage baseball glove - $3

Someday I want to do my son's room in a vintage baseball theme and this will be perfect for it.

My non-vintage purchases.  
More jeans in future sizes for my lil' man - $2
GE toaster - $1

We've needed a new toaster for a.very.long.time.  Ours is like a fun little slot machine every time you drop in a slice of bread.  You never know what you're gonna get.  One time it might be very lightly toasted and you have to play the game another two times to get it just right.  But then sometimes it likes to throw in a change up and you get a burnt sacrifice on the first try.  I've just been too cheap to buy a new one, I think I was waiting for the old one to completely die before I thought a new one could be justified.  The funny thing is, I had been looking at this exact same toaster at Walmart for when the day of the dead happened.  I figure I just saved myself $24, so that makes me almost break even for the day.  :D

Dr. Pepper soda crate - $10

This was one of my favorite finds of the day!  I think it pretty well completes my crate collection.  I've been on the hunt for a divided one like this but they're always much more than I want to pay.  I asked if she was willing to negotiate on the price, but she wasn't and that was fine.  $10 was a fair enough price compared to the others I've seen.

And my very favorite find of the day was this long wooden box - $5

Hubby wasted no time in declaring it junk when he saw it, but I could just picture it sitting in the middle of my "someday" long farmhouse table filled with candles and greenery at Christmas time, or gourds and pumpkins in Autumn and I fell in love.

I stood there staring at it and mulling it over in my head for the longest time.  On one hand I really really wanted it, but on the other hand I could just hear my husband threatening to leave all my junk by the road if it doesn't fit in the moving truck.

The seller told me it was an ammo storage box from World War II.  I'm pretty sure he was filling my head with a bunch of malarky, but I didn't care, I knew I was in love with it either way.

It was marked $6, which is not a bad price at all, but in my head I was thinking, "Maybe I'll offer $5 and if he takes it, that'll be a sign I'm supposed to have it.  And if not, it's a sign I need to walk away.  But what if he doesn't take it?  Do I really want to leave this behind over one measly dollar?!?  $6 is a great price to begin with, I'd feel kinda bad offering him less."  

And on and on the argument went in my head.

After a few minutes the seller came back by and asked, "Are you still trying to decide on that?!?"  A big sigh....."Yeesssss."  And then, without any further word from me he said, "Well how about if I make it a little easier for you to decide?  How 'bout if I take a dollar off the price?"


I think it'd also be great turned upside down and used as sort of a pedestal centerpiece too.  
Cannot wait to have a place to use this someday!!!  I don't care that Hubby thinks I'm absolutely nutso, I know a great piece when I see it!  :)

How about you?  Did you have any great finds this week?
Anybody give you the "eye-rolling-you're-crazier-than-a-loon look?"


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  1. How could he call the ammo box, "junk"? :)
    It's a gorgeous piece and your plans for it are perfect.

  2. Immediately saw the glove and the box. GREAT finds!! Both are awesome.
    Tell him you can leave some tools by the curb...

  3. Thankfully, my hubby is 'mostly' on board with my 'junk'. :) Your vision is perfect and I'm glad you got that 'ammo' box. Great finds! I'm kinda jealous of your soda crate too. :)

  4. Hey Stephanie,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Dr. Pepper crate and the ammo box! I would have been excited to bring either of those home! Good deal! I have a WW II ammo crate that I found at a yard sale that I was so excited to find! My hubby thought I was a little crazy but it is displayed in my living room. lol!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. All the cute vintage goodies you found. How fun. I love garage sales and flea markets. Enjoy.
    blessings to you.

  6. Love that coffee can and glove. You really found some great items.

  7. love all of your finds, especially that dr pepper crate! and I love the long wooden box too, i thought the same thing you did, that would be great to have as a center piece on a table!!

  8. Love love this box!! I can see your vision of its use. Great buys Stephanie. Have a wonderful weekend! Loretta xx

  9. Oh my.......If I had a dollar for every eye roll...ummm would that be two and I could both shop for the rest of our lives!!!
    Dr Pepper was invented in our little town... good for you finding the great crate! I found a little camp stool like yours, with half of the seat missing....hmmmm.... I guess someone needed a little piece of canvas. I took it apart, painted the legs antique white and made a new seat with red and white toile. The grandgirls fight over who gets to sit on it :^)
    Your other stuff is very cool!!!

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