Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Home Tour {Sort Of}

I say "sort of" becuase the home tour mainly consists of just the living room.  I threw in 2 pictures from the kitchen, and 2 of the porch, but the rest are in the living room.  I have a bit more decor here and there throughout the house, but it's not worth blogging about.  A few of these you might have seen in previous posts, but I added them in just to complete the tour.

So this is the view, slightly to the right, when you walk in the front door.

We don't have a fireplace or mantle so this shelf that I've had for years has to make do.  I found the semi-circular punched tin wall hanging at an antique store in NC when we lived there.  Not sure that's it's actually antique, I think it's probably a handcrafted item someone was selling in their booth.

My mom got me both of the Santa's on the ends of the shelf, and the stockings were from Home Goods I believe.

I'm sitting here laughing at myself.  Notice anything missing from the shelf?  I "borrowed" the greenery to the right of the candle to use in another picture to fluff it up a bit more.  Then later decided I needed to retake the picture of this area, and completely forgot to add the greenery back in.  I'm too lazy under too much of a time crunch to retake the pictures a 3rd time.  Just laugh with me and pretend it's there.

This little guy is one of my favorites.

A friend of mine gave me this set of mini frames a few years ago.  Each one has a different picture cross stitched on it.  She did good, I love 'em.

I changed the crates/end table up a bit at the end of the couch, and added my Nativity scene to it along with some fresh greenery, fake berries, and white lights.  Two Father Christmas's adorn the ends.

I don't remember where I got the primitive star, I've had it for many years.  But they're not hard to make, I made a larger one, out of sticks and fabric strips, to be a primitive tree topper for our Christmas tree a few years ago.  The Nativity was a store-closing-clearance-buy I got the summer before I got married.  Or maybe it was the summer after I got married.  Who knows.

I love how the crates add a bit of authenticity to the humbleness and rusticness of His birth.

Then, to the right of the large couch we have this view.

A lady in our church in NC cross stitched the Father Christmas picture above the couch for me.  It's amazing.

I tied a scarf that I don't wear much around one of the throw pillows to add some wintery festivity.  And the kids' talking Christmas bear toy sits at the other end of the couch for easy access.

Our vintage themed tree sits in front of the main window to the right of the loveseat.

Go here if you'd like to see more detailed pictures of the tree.

Just to the right of the tree is this view.

I made this candle holder out of an old wooden firken type container that came from my grandfather's farm, a punched tin cylinder thingy-ma-bob I picked up at a yard sale for .25, and some greenery and berries.

Here's the coffee table.  (You can read about it's makeover here.)  I got the red truck from Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off sales.  It's on my "bucket list" to own a real one just like it some day.  The picture frames hold a picture of the kiddos from last Christmas and a picture of their Meemaw and Papaw sledding.

This is my arrangement....

...and apparantly my 4 year old daughter has inherited the decorating bug becuase this is her arrangement, lol!  She added characters from her Nativity set to it.  It was so cute and it made me laugh when I discovered it.

On the other side of the room sits the computer desk.  I enjoy using Christmas books as decor, and set up this little display on top of the desk.  Notice that I cropped out the desk itself.  No way am I showing that hot mess!

Above the desk....even Hubby's wild boar hog gets a dash of Christmas.

Beside the desk sits this vignette with a vintage tree that came from my husband's grandmother sitting on top of an old rusty-ish metal container that has sentimental value to us, and some reindeer I found at Home Goods a couple of years ago (along with fresh greenery of course.)

The tree gives off a pretty little glow.

This shelf is in the kitchen above the table.  I took out the Cracker Jack tin that normally sits there and added the Father Christmas one.  Also took out some of the normal soda bottles and added in an extra green one or two for some festive colorfulness.  A dash of greenery and berries completes it.

This area is the top of the refrigerator.  I covered up the yellow pot the geraniums are in by placing it down in a galvanized pail.  I turned the RC Cola crate up right and added a vintage style sign to it.  An old milk bottle with faux berries inside and some greenery finish it off.

I know I already posted about the porch decor, but I figure now I have all the Christmas decor posted in one place. 

This bicycle basket "wreath" is on the front door.

Read about it here.

And in one corner of the porch I set up this simple, rustic style display.

Read more about it here.

So there ya go.  A view into our home all dressed up for Christmas.

I'm taking a break for a bit while we head down South to visit family.  Away from this overcast, rainy, cold, miserable state and back into the good 'ol Florida sunshine.  It's predicted to be 79 degrees on Christmas day.  I c.a.n.n.o.t. wait!!  I sure do miss the sun and warmth.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I know I sure plan to.

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  1. Your home looks so "purty!" You have such a neat way of putting things together!
    Maybe we'll get to see you in church, Sunday? That would be nice! Merry Christmas to you guys!!

  2. I love the way you displayed your nativity. I would love to have an antique toy truck like the one on your table, that's on my list. The price of those are steep enough. I may have to go check out my HL that would make a great substitute. I enjoyed your blog, come visit me!

  3. I love the crates, bicycle basket wreath and the ice skates on the sled! You home looks so inviting. I am a new follower. :)

  4. Sorry about the pathetic Ohio weather. :-( Last year (in my opinion) was the best...snow on the ground the entire month of December. :-) Enjoy your vacation in the sand and sunshine!


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