Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby Girl Has Arrived!

 I am so very happy and excited to announce that our baby girl, Anna Mae, has finally made her arrival!

 She was 2 weeks overdue, but boy when she was ready to come she sure made a grand entrance!  She was born in the backseat of our van 10 minutes from the birth center.  My husband was driving like an Indy car race driver and my mom was there to deliver the baby.  Thankfully, all turned out well and everyone is healthy!

Announcement sign outside the birth center

She weighed 8.5lbs and was 21" long, with strawberry blond hair and what we think are blue eyes, though sometimes they seem to have a hint of green in them like mine.

We recuperated at the birth center for a couple of hours and then made our way back home where we've been enjoying loads of snuggle time and big sister and big brother are just eating her up! 

She is just too sweet for words and we are overjoyed and so very thankful for another beautiful and healthy baby! 


  1. Congratulations! A beautiful little girl !

  2. Oh my goodness adorable.....congratulations.........what a sweet little baby....


  3. Congratulations! She is precious!

  4. Yay!!! So happy she is here. Our third baby was a super fast birth too. So glad all turned out okay. She is sure precious!

  5. In the car!?!? Now there's a story that will be repeated over and over again! Congratulations to everyone and glad to know that mother and baby are doing well.

  6. Congrats and blessings to you and your family!

  7. Anna is beautiful, congrats to you and your family!

  8. She's beautiful. So glad all is well. Congratulations.

  9. Congratulations mama!! She's a beauty just like her mom. I'm sure her siblings are in love with her too!

  10. Hi Stephanie!

    You know, I've heard of people not making it the hospital in time... but I don't think I've ever really heard it first hand before! That will be such a great story for your little girl!! And what an awesome Mom you have. :-)

    She is absolutely beautiful and what a gorgeous name!



  11. Congratulations!!! She is simply beautiful. Praise God for a safe and healthy delivery.



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