Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Little Lamp Makeover

Today I'm bringing you another little makeover project I completed recently.  

My 8 year old daughter had been wanting a desk in her room for quite awhile.  She had pretty well outgrown the kitchen play set that was in there, so we moved it out and began looking for a desk for her.  It worked out perfectly that my sister was getting rid of this "double decker" desk and she let us have first dibs on it.  We got rid of the bedside table/small bookcase that was there previously and the desk slid in that spot just perfectly.

The only problem was that her cute little lamp that I made over years ago was too tall and wouldn't slide in under the shelf. 
 Because it stuck out so far it took up a lot of useable surface area.

*Side note* - Here's what the too-tall lamp makeover looked like.  This was about 4 years ago, before I ever had this blog.  The lamp had been in me and Hubby's room and I was going to sell it in a yard sale, but then realized it would fit her Shabby Chic room style perfectly with a little makeover.

We kept an eye out at thrift stores and yard sales for a smaller lamp, but we just never found one.  One day at Hobby Lobby she spied this little one and even though she didn't care for the black color of it, she loved the frilly shade.  I assured her we could change the color of the lamp itself and since lamps were 50% off that day we purchased it for $12.  She also really wanted the shade to have dangly "crystals" hanging from it, but the ones they had in the lamp department would have cost us another $16!  We visited the fabric department instead and bought 1/2 yard of trim for $1.75.  :)

We brought it home and gave it a makeover to make it more her style.  I dry brushed it with two coats of aqua craft paint, painted the button in the middle pink, and used some craft glue to attach the dangly trim to the shade.

She was SO happy with its new look!

Much more her style.

And it fit the space under the shelf just perfectly.

Another thing we had already changed about the desk was the knobs.  Originally it had these very basic silver and white ones.

We replaced them with pink and aqua ones instead.  
So much more character now, and again, much more her style.  

(Notice the chippy stool tucked in there?  We couldn't use a regular desk chair because they're all too wide to slide underneath and we couldn't have it sticking out because her closet door is directly to the right and she needed to have room to get it open. We discovered that this little stool, which normally resides in the master bathroom to hold a stack of towels, slid under there just perfectly tucked out of the way.)

We found the pink knobs at Walmart.  They're made to look like glass, but they're actually acrylic.  We found the center aqua knob at Hobby Lobby.

She is loving having this desk in her room.  She loves to sit and "work" at her little laptop/game computer, and take pretend calls on her pink phone.  :D  She also enjoys doing her school work here as well.

I love being able to find thrifty solutions to problems that come along.  :)



  1. This is so sweet. The pink phone is totally her. ;) I like the pop of color her new little lamp gives to this space.

  2. It is a lovely desk and lamp for your cutie patooty girly!!!!
    You did a wonderful job on the lamp and shade!
    Blessings and a hug to the girl too.
    How's baby????

  3. So pretty! :) I love the way you decorate. You do such amazing makeovers.


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