Friday, June 19, 2015

Sprucin' Up the Porch

Hello my faithful readers!

Today I'm bringing you a story.  A story of a sad sad little porch, neglected and forlorn, looking abandoned for the entire year and a half that the owners lived there.    

It was home to dirty towels and knocked over chairs, stinky socks left out in the rain by little children that can't stand to wear shoes.  A plastic folding table that sometimes served as a patio table was knocked over in a storm and no one ever cared enough to pick it up again or even to (gasp!) put it back in the shed where it belonged.  

It was empty and cold and no one wanted to spend much time there.  It simply served as a walkway to get from the backyard into the house. the owner's defense, she had been searching and searching for a nice used patio set with 6 chairs to put on the deck, but after months and months of waiting for a good deal, she had just not found the right one.  New sets were way too expensive, and any used sets that did show up on the local yard sale sites were either too junky, not a style that would fit the owner's taste, OR they were located too far away to be worth it.  So....sad and neglected the little porch stayed.

BUT THEN...........

One Saturday night the owner was on her way to pick up pizza for her family for dinner and she made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a couple of necessities.  She parked by the garden center (which she hadn't been in for months) and quickly made her way in and out so that her family wouldn't starve before she made it home with the pizza.  But on her speedy trail through the garden center and into the store she spied a cute little patio set that was marked $99.  "Hmmmmmm..." she thought to herself, "my little budget could handle $99, and that cute little set could make do until I can afford something bigger."  

So that very night she transferred some of her hard earned money from her little shop into their bank account and first thing Monday morning she headed back to purchase that little set.  She also perused the clearance plant section and bought some .98¢ plants and a $6 mixed container planter.  That afternoon while her children were having quiet time in their rooms she worked on putting the patio set together. Then that evening once the sun had started to set and the porch was finally in the shade she set to work planting all those clearance plants into pots and buckets she already had.  

She scrubbed up the plastic Adirondack chairs that were scattered around the yard and brought them all back to live on the porch again.  

She brought out one of her much loved crates to serve as a plant stand.

The little $3 yard sale chair that never got painted like it was supposed to actually looked very cute with its new coordinating container plant sitting on it.

And finally....finally the little porch was happy and welcoming and the family began to spend time out there each day, eating breakfast under the cute little umbrella, sucking on popsicles in the hot afternoon sun.  Even the pets seemed to enjoy it better.  And in the fall, when the weather turns cool enough again, the family will probably eat almost every meal out here and will immensely enjoy its new found cheery atmosphere.

The End.

** The funny aggravating part of this story is that TWO DAYS after I purchased the little 4 seater patio set for $99, a nice 6 seater used set finally came up on a yard sale site, in my local town, a nice style, decent shape, for $125.  I just shook my head in defeat.  Oh well, you can't win 'em all. **



  1. Love it! My front porch is empty right now. Hoping to find a good deal on some rocking chairs.

  2. Love the "new" back porch!!!....good job on sprucing it up

  3. So pretty!!
    I'm not shocked at all that you chose red. :)

  4. It's really cute with all the red. I want to see pumpkins & mums added in a few months. Your kitty is happy, I see! You've added another dining room :^)

  5. I LOVE it!!! That looks so sweet and cozy. You should be getting some snail mail soon. :) I love the table runner I bought from you. Hope you are feeling well.

  6. Hi Stephanie, you did a wonderful job . . .everything looks so fresh and pretty. I especially like the old chair with the quilt and plant:)


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