Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Sharpie Mug Project

I just wanted to pop in and share a quick post of something I've been up to this week.

If you've been around my blog for awhile then you might remember the BFF Sharpie mug project I did last year for my friend in Ohio. 

That tutorial post became quite popular and it's still my top viewed post every week with well over 100,000 views total.  

But that was the only one I had ever made....until this week. 

 One of the teen girls at church had a birthday this week and I wanted to do something special for her without having to spend money we didn't really have.  Then it dawned on me I had some plain white Corelle mugs I had bought at the thrift store for .25 each just waiting for such an occasion.  I used the same technique as I did with the last one, printing out the design, shading the back, and then tracing it onto the mug (more detailed directions here).  Then I painted over the design with an oil based Sharpie paint pen.  Once the black paint was dry I came back and used white paint to do the polka dots.  It looked kind of gray, so once they were dry I put a second coat of white on them.  Then I baked it at 425 just like I did the last time.

I knew from last time that any color other than black had the potential to change colors so I was curious to see what would happen to the white dots.

They turned gray.

But it was fine with me, it still looked cute on the black letters.  The paint held up well to a hand washing after it had baked so I deemed it another Sharpie mug success.

And the girl whom it was for?  She loved it!  An even better success!  :)

So tell me, have you tried this thrifty little DIY project yet?  
Did it turn out well for you or was it a "Pinterest Fail" kind of a project?



  1. Cute idea:). I really enjoy reading your blog:)


  2. I like the little flower in the bottom of the cup. Cute mug!


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