Thursday, June 19, 2014

Orange Scuzzy Walls Become Boutique Chic

Last week my kiddos spent their first week of summer vacation with their grandparents.  While they were gone I took a couple of days to get my daughter's room painted.  Pink has been her favorite color since she was 3 years old (she's almost 7 now) and she has always wanted a pink room. We could never do it for her before because we were always renting, but now that we finally own a house she was excited to finally get a pink room!

Let's take a look at the "before."

Stepping into her room her bed was on the left in front of the windows, and on the back wall was her kitchen set (that my dad made for her a couple of years ago.)  The poor girl had a mish-mash of bedding that didn't match or coordinate at all.  Her walls were the ugly orange scuz that the rest of the house was, paired with the dark brown trim.

In this picture you can see her closet door on the left and the door coming into her room on the right.  She had a set of Barbie wall decals up in random places as well.  : )

At some point I found a cute pink ticking striped bedskirt at a rummage sale for $1, and an aqua throw pillow for 99¢.  I flipped the red and white quilt over to the plain white side and folded up her old twin sized quilt at the foot of her bed.  It was a huge improvement on the bedding situation, but the walls were still depressing.

I didn't have time to try out color samples so I had to just pick a shade of pink that I thought would be right and hope for the best.  I chose Boutique Chic by Clark & Kensington (sold at ACE).  Many torturous hours later and it was finally transformed to a nice bright and fresh look.

The bed got moved to the back wall and the kitchen set is now on the opposite side of the room from the bed.  It was amazing how much bigger the room felt just moving the bed to this wall!

I made this little set of valances for her room when we still lived in Ohio and I was really happy to find that they fit the windows here perfectly as well.  If I could do it over again, I think I'd go one shade lighter on the pink for the walls, but I didn't do too bad for a one shot deal.  And of course to her, the pinker it is the happier she is, so it was perfect in her book.

Last week in the Fun Friday Finds post I told you how I found matching pillows and a bedskirt at two different thrift stores.  I loved both bedskirts so much and didn't want to do away with either one so I just layered them!  The rest of the bedding still needs a bit of tweaking.  I hope to find her a pretty white bedspread that fits the bed a little better.  This quilt is actually more of a twin size and is a little too short on the sides.  I tugged it down on the side you can see.  : )  We also still have more decor to add to the walls, but Hubs was rushing me out the door on this particular day so I only had time to snap a couple of pictures.  I'll take more once we get it all finished.

Over on this wall between the doors we hung this mirror.  It was a $3 yard sale find.  She loves to play dress up and I thought a mirror would be a fun thing so she can see herself in her many princess dresses.  The mirror is old and very heavy and needed to be hung on a stud.  The only problem was the stud wasn't centered...of course.  So I added in a couple of butterflies along the side to make it appear it that I had planned it that way and that it was supposed to be off centered.  The butterflies were a 50¢ yard sale find.  They used to be dark brown and I think just about every home had them on their walls back in the 80's.  I know ours did.  I simply spray painted them white for an updated look.

Another project for her room is to get her a ceiling fan.  Then we can do away with the ugly plastic oscillating fan on her dresser (which also needs redone).  This is Florida and you just can't sleep well without some circulating air!

She was SO very happy with her pink room and I'm happy to have another room checked off my painting list!



  1. It looks wonderful! Everything came together so well. I know your little girl must love it :-)

    Happy Friday!

  2. You must have the best thrift stores around!! I love the bedroom makeover, but esp. the layered dust ruffles~ looks so cute!


  3. I'm a grown up and I want her room, minus the mini kitchen. My former place the landlord did not care if we painted, just nothing garish. This one says NO WAY, white,white,white. I have a hard time making it a happy place when I am not happy in it. Love to follow and see the changes you make to YOUR home.

  4. Good job....I bet she was so happy....I love finding deals and making them work...

  5. Good job....I bet she was so happy....I love finding deals and making them work...

  6. Lovely room and great job. Do you not have ac in Florida? How did you manage to get all that work done and get the paint to dry? LOL! You're a better woman than I! I couldn't stand to live here in AR if I didn't have ac. But I am from the North originally so maybe that's why? I'm also much older as when I was growing up and for most of my life we didn't have ac up there in the summer and it can still get pretty hot there too but we didn't have the humidity like you have or that we have here in AR in the summer. Did you paint the ceiling too or just the trim? I just did my bedroom ceiling and that's a killer those ceilings. What's next? LOL!

  7. This turned out so nice. I also really like the double layered bed skirt and you already know that I love that mirror! It's a perfect mirror for a princess. :)

  8. Your daughters room turned out lovely! I too love to find things for not a lot of $ and then, paint it, etc.I recently redecorated my niece's room and now her sisters want heir rooms done too! Thank the Lord for yard sales and Goodwill! Blessings, Jenny ><>......

  9. Oh it is beyond precious. It all really came together with that pink paint didn't it???! Really precious. - Dori -


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