Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rain Boots Repurposed

Today's project just screams "spring is here!" with its bright colorful makeover.
And it didn't even cost me much of anything at all.  My favorite kind of project!

Now, I know that many of you haven't seen any sign of spring yet and are still having cold and snowy days.  I feel for you.  I really do.  We lived in northern Ohio for 2.5 years while Hubby went to school and I have been SO glad to be back in Florida!  But hopefully today's post can put a bright spot in your day and have you looking forward to your very own warm spring days.  

My mom found these rain boots at a thrift store a couple of years ago and gave them to my daughter.  She wore them and played in them for a good long time until she outgrew them.  You can see they had become really faded and cracked and even had mildew on them.  I had a project in mind though, so I didn't toss them.  

Instead, I gave them a few coats of spray paint that I already had in my stash (bought for $1 at the Habitat ReStore a year or two ago) and gave them a new purpose in life.

A bright and cheerful spring "wreath."

The only cost involved was buying the fresh flowers ($4.88 at Walmart). 

 Tulips are my favorite!   I grew up in Illinois and experienced my own fair share of long dreary winters.  Tulips were always one of the first flowers to poke up through the cold ground and bring a promise of spring.  

And for that reason, their bright cheerfulness has always held a special place in my heart.

I love giving old worn out things a new purpose and another chance at life.  
And of course, I love doing it on the cheap!  : )

(I simply filled the boots with water and used them as the vase, since they're rubber they hold water quite nicely.  The paint color is Watermelon by Krylon, and I used a long double length of string over the door to tie them up.)


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  1. O my goodness, Steph! This is ADORABLE! And so Spring-y. I love it! I wonder if I can find realistic fake tulips.... since fresh ones would die too quickly for me. Thanks for the inspiration! (And I didn't know you're from IL; I thought you were always a southern gal.) :)

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  3. Well cute is that!!!! I will have to watch the thrift stores!!
    On my back gate instead of a wreath, I have an old umbrella (one of those plastic ones that is clear with yellow doo-dads printed on it) turned upside down and filled with forsythia branches. I tied it to the gate with bright yellow ribbon and it looks pretty cheery! However, I am in love with your boots...maybe I will find some before next spring :^)
    Hugs to all of you,

  4. BEAUTIFUL...shared on FB and Pinterest!!! Blessings ~ Judy :)

  5. Stephanie - I can't believe how well those boots painted up. Honestly, I would've never thought of it. They look so darling. - Dori -


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