Monday, March 10, 2014

Bar Stools for the Kitchen

If you follow me on Facebook then you might have seen that I finally found a set of bar stools on Craigslist for our kitchen last week.  I had been looking for months on Craigslist, as well as thrift stores, etc., but hadn't come across a set that were decently priced.  I kept finding one here and one there, but if they were a set then people wanted way too much for them, even just for a set of two.  Then finally I came across these, a set of 4 priced at $85.  Not too awfully bad for a whole set.  I went and looked at them and offered her $60 thinking she'd counter with $75, but she was happy with the $60!  Woot woot!  :D

In a perfect world I'd have something more industrial looking and less honey oak, BUT...since the ones that I covet so very much are about $130 EACH, these will have to make do.  They're nice and sturdy and in good shape, and who knows, maybe I'll paint them someday.  I don't plan to paint them before painting the kitchen cupboards though.  I'd like to get those painted my dreamy white, and then see what to do with the stools. 
 (You can also see remnants of the orangey spackled walls and dark trim that have yet to be painted in the living room there in the background.)

Here's a little closer look at the top of the cupboards.  I have really struggled with decorating the tops of these.  I've tried to find the fine line of not so much that it looks cluttered and tacky, but not so sparse as to look completely plain and lifeless either.  I'm fairly satisfied with this section, but I'm still struggling with the cupboards on the left side of the kitchen.  Honestly, I would love to do away with the open tops and have glass fronted cabinets that go up to the ceiling built there instead.  Something like this.


I lurve this kitchen by the way!  Just sayin.'  But that's another one of those, "I wish/someday though probably never/if only/dream kitchen" kind of projects.

Anyways....back to my kitchen.  There was one more thing I wanted to point out to you that I've never shown before.  Can you tell what the arrow is pointing at?

It's our key holder!

We have lots of various keys for different machines and gadgets around here, so I turned an old metal loaf pan on its side and added magnetic hooks to hang them from.  The pan also helps disguise the fish tank pump that's behind it.  And that's Jerry (as in Tom & Jerry), our betta fish, by the way.  He's a funny little spazola who fights the filter pump quite often and likes to swim on his side when he's mad, lol!

  I think this same key holder idea could be used if you like to hang your keys right beside the door where you go in and out.  You could simply screw the loaf pan to the wall, and the hooks could be attached to the bottom of the pan and then the inside of the pan could be used as a little shelf to hold outgoing mail, cell phones, sunglasses, etc.  

Kind of quirky and fun, right?  
Just my style!  : )



  1. Yay, another post : D You did good on the stools...great buy! Like you said, you can always paint them. For now, they match your cabinets. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a blessd day,


  2. you have the best ideas!!!....i love the key idea hanging by the door.....i love your kitchen, too and bar stools.....

  3. Your kitchen looks lovely!!! and that key holder is great! I may have to make one for our garage, to hold all of the keys that congregate there for various "toys".
    You are doing great, and your bar stools match my kitchen chairs :^)

  4. Your kitchen great! I love the bar stools. I have the same kind of space above my cabinets but not as much space as you have. I have several things displayed that are a mix between clear glass and metal, the glass is milk bottles and the metal is old metal baskets, cream containers and enamelware...I also have a scale that is the exact one as you have above yours...Some may say my space above the cabinet looks cluttered, but I feel that because I have such a mix of clear glass that helps lighten it up a bit :)

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  7. If you ask me, your kitchen does look really nice. Though I do agree that it will look better if you paint it all white. I'm hoping you the time to do that all white project. Anyway, I also think that those stools were a definite bargain. Why not do the same thing and paint them white as well? That might look good with everything. I'll be looking forward for your post once you start your project. All the best!

    Albert Andrews @ Pharaoh Manufacturing

  8. Stephanie - I think your kitchen looks fabulous. What you have on the tops of your cupboards is perfect. I struggled with the same thing. It is my tendency to really pack on the cool junk - I had to really refrain myself! I'm used to it now, but it really looked bare at first! I love yours. - Dori - (And the key holder is pure genius!)

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