Saturday, December 7, 2013

New House Update #2

Just popping in to give another quick update on where we're at with the new house.  Things haven't changed looks-wise for over a week now.  Caulking, spackling, sanding, priming, etc. has proven to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  BUT....Hubby has now finished scraping ALL the ceilings of their horrible popcorn.  He's got them all spackled and sanded too.  Can I get a woot woot!!  

The ceilings in the kitchen and dining room have already been painted, as well as the front entryway and what we've been calling the "Christmas tree room."  (It's this odd little extra room that we don't know what to call, but that's where the Christmas tree is going.)  All the upper trim in the kitchen and DR is finished, and Hubs put up a light/ceiling fan.  Later on I'd like to find a nice chandelier style light to go in here, but since I don't know what I want yet, we just went ahead and put this up for now.  The walls are all spackled and sanded as well and ready for paint.

I've been testing out paint samples.  I wanted a light tan to go along with the white trim.  The color on the left is what I tried first.  It looked great on the paint chip, but up on the wall it took on too much of a pink tone.  I think I'll be going with option #2 on the right.  It's Natural Linen by Glidden.  The plan is to paint all the main rooms in this for now just to get rid of the current colors.  Dining room isn't that bad, but the color in the living room makes me cringe and it must go.  Later on if I decide I want more color then I can change it as needed.

Notice any changes here in the kitchen?  (Other than the fact that it's an absolute dee-saster.)  There's a big ol' empty spot right there in the middle where the island used to be.  Yep, you heard that right, we took the island out.  I can hear you now, "WHYYY o' why would she take a perfectly good and functional island out?!?"  Lol!!  Well...lemme do some 'splainin.'  

  All the cabinets are way too builder grade and matchy-matchy for my liking, it needs some more character in there.  We knew that the flooring runs under the cabinets, so I told Hubby that, guaranteed, that island was coming out at some point down the road and getting replaced with something more junkified that could be repurposed into an island.  So to avoid ending up with a section of flooring that didn't match smack dab in the middle of everything (because the dimensions of whatever thing I come up with to use probably wouldn't be the same as the previous island) he went ahead and pulled it out so the flooring can be laid. We'll use my current rolling island cart there for now.

Today Hubs will be picking up our laminate order and bringing it to the house.  That will give it a week to acclimate before he starts laying it next Saturday.  My job will continue to be paint paint and more paint.  Finishing up doorway trim in the kitchen and dining room, as well as starting to cut in and edge with the linen colored paint to get the walls ready for rolling.

Onward and upward we go!


  1. Yay, you're making PROGRESS! Getting rid of those popcorn ceilings is a huge improvement (and a HUGE job!) Can't wait to see the flooring go in.

  2. You guys are really working hard! I love the floor choice and so glad you found what you wanted. Are you living there now? I also like your wall color. I can't wait to see what you do with the house after it's painted. Did you have Thanksgiving or just work on the house?

    1. We're not living there yet, still in the rental for now, but hoping to get moved in over the next week. We took a short break for Thanksgiving and traveled south to visit family for the day. :)


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