Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Friday Finds #16

How many of you have been missing the Fun Friday Finds posts?  Well, today I'm giving you a lil' fix. : )

The other day on the Facebook page I mentioned that I, and a couple of friends, were going thrifting all day.  We were gone for over 12 hours and visited 8 different shops, including another trip to the Goodwill Outlet.  It was a really fun day!  So today I'm sharing my finds with you.

The flan pan caught my eye at a Goodwill store because I've seen a couple of different cute projects done with them.  It's in really good shape and made in Germany!

I loved the patina of the baking pan.  It's the same depth as a loaf pan, but much wider and I thought it would make a cute container for a centerpiece or some such thing.  : )

I also loved the number stamped in the bottom of it.

This vintage picture frame was a Goodwill Outlet find.  It still has the original advertisement style insert in it!  It's just one of those things that weirdly appeals to me.  I can picture it grouped with other vintage things and displayed as artwork.

I was super excited to find this set of metal measuring cups, and for only $1.49!!  I've been transferring some of my pantry baking supplies into big clear glass jars and just the other day I was wishing I had some more of these to put in the canisters.

I was also on the lookout for some non-vintage stuff and was really happy to get stocked up on some jeans in current size and some in future sizes for my lil' guy, as well as some other clothing items for the kiddos.

The basket of wooden blocks were another Outlet find.  They were scattered all over the bottom of a bin so I grabbed a nearby basket and spent 5 minutes collecting them all.  Since the Outlet charges by weight, these weren't super cheap, but at around $6.50 they were still much cheaper than what I would have paid for them new.

My son spotted the little joystick Nintendo style game thing and just had to have it.  (It didn't have anything at all to do with Mommy feeling nostalgic and wanting it too...not one single bit.)

Swimming goggles for my daughter since she'll be starting her swimming lessons again.

And an adorable little wooden Melissa and Doug Mailbox toy.

It is SO cute!  It has all kinds of little letters and "packages" they can mail, and each one has Velcro on it so they can attach the little stamps to them.  They've been having a lot of fun with it and it was well worth it for only 2.99.

After our big move, Lord willing we plan to add some more youngin's to our brood so I picked up this Eddie Bauer infant travel bed for when the time comes.  : )

The plate things may look weird, but I sure thought they seemed handy enough.  We like to eat outside when the weather is nice, and trying to balance a flimsy paper plate and figure out where to set your cup so it doesn't tip over in the grass is aggravating.  So these little vintage contraptions that hold a plate and a cup seemed mighty useful.

A cute little pair of tennis shoes for my daughter and a pair of boots for me.  I've been wanting a pair of rubber boots (or Wellies as some would call them I guess), not so much for fashion reasons, as just for practical reasons.  Our yard gets SO muddy this time of year and I've been wishing I had a pair.  Plus, once we get settled into our new home we plan to have a farm of sorts so they'll get lots of use.  At only $1.50 I would have bought them if they had been just plain black, the fact that they're super cute is just a huge bonus!

The little wooden box was another Outlet find.  I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it, but I loved the look of it so I'll come up with something.

I was really really excited about the Dresner train case.

The bottom is marked as "Guaranteed Texas Steerhide" and it's in good shape.  I'll be listing this in my Etsy shop.

This last picture of these adorably vintage aqua canisters wasn't from our all day foray, I actually found these the day before at a local thrift shop.  They, too, will be going in the shop.

So that does it for this week's Fun Friday Finds.  Now that the weather is warming up and the sales will be starting again, maybe I'll have some fun things to share again each week (or maybe not every week, since I really should be slowing down on how much I buy since we're moving in 2 months).

If you all have a great thrift store or yard sale find feel free to stop on over and share it on the Facebook page.  I'd love to see it and hear all about it!  And if there's every anything you've been searching for and want me to keep a lookout for you just let me know.  I'm happy to be on the hunt with you.



  1. I saw those aqua canisters and looked long and hard at them but decided to pass since I don't have my shop up and running yet. So glad you picked them up!

    Looks like a lot of fun things you found. I always happy when I can find nice jeans! :)

    (And since when did you add word verification?! :p )

    1. Oh, I totally forgot I had it turned on! I got tired of all the spam I kept getting and a few weeks ago I turned it on since I wasn't planning on posting for awhile. Thanks for reminding me, I turned it off again. :)

  2. great finds! I especially like that measuring cup set!

  3. Wonderful new treasures. I love the new measuring cups and they will be great as scoops. Your boots are pretty darn cute:)

  4. Love the travel case. You always find the cutest treasures...hope you had 12 fun hours. lol! XO


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