Sunday, March 17, 2013

Slowing Down...or Speeding Up?

I'm sure by now you've noticed that things around the Farmhouse blog have been a little slow here recently, and quite honestly it will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.  

Right now I have


We only have 3 more months until Hubs finishes up school and, Lord willing, our big move back to Florida.  So...with such a short amount of time left and boxes and packing tape being on my near horizon, I'm not feeling inspired nor compelled to change anything up around here decor-wise.  For instance, my living room curtains have grown really old and are driving me bonkers, but....with only 3 months left I see no point in changing them now.  (Cue the 80's music...."I will sur-viiiiive!")

Not only that, a week from today my in-laws fly in to take over my house and my kids for a week.  Hubs has his Spring Break and he and I are going to make a frenzied jaunt down to the Sunshine State to do some scouting for a job and a house.  We REALLY REALLY want to buy and get settled down somewhere permanently.  We've moved an average of every 2 years in our 10 years of marriage and we are so sick of the "temporariness" of it all and more than ready for something permanent!  But...trying to find and buy property that meets our expectations (we're kinda picky) halfway across the country borders on miraculous, so most likely we will have to rent....again...for a few months.  Bleck.  

So, this week I have to get everything ready and in order for someone else to take over my household.  (Plus deal with the emotional stress of leaving my kiddos for 6 days.  My in-laws are beyond wonderful and I know for certain they will take excellent care of my sweeties, but I've never been away from them for more than a few hours so it will be a lil' emotional for me.  My eyes are tearing up just thinking about it.)

On top of that, I'm still homeschooling kiddo #1.  I've just been kind of doing this and that with her, not really following any set curriculum, just working our way along as I think she's able. dawned on me the other day that since I plan to homeschool her for at least one more year, it won't be long before it'll be time to order an actual curriculum for her and I needed to decide if I was going to start her on a Kindergarten one or put her right into 1st grade.  I did some research and decided that I'd be wasting my money if I ordered a Kindergarten curriculum as I think she's too advanced for most of it.  I think, for the most part, she's ready to move right into 1st grade work.  Now, if she's going into 1st grade that means I  need to make sure there are no gaps in her Kindergarten work.  So...with only 2.5 months left in the school year, I'm scrambling to make sure I've got everything covered and that she'll be ready to start a more formal curriculum at a higher grade level.

PLUS...(as if the above 3 paragraphs weren't enough already) I still have oodles of vintage inventory from last year's yard sale adventures that have yet to be listed in my Etsy shop.  Seeing as we won't have room to move it with us (and Hubs has warned me time and time again that if it's not gone by moving time, he's putting it out by the road for the picker's to dig through) I have GOT to get it all photographed, cataloged, and listed and pray that a good bit of it sells before the picker's get their hands on it...'cause Boss Man ain't jokin' y'all!


So, I'm feeling like this is a bit much for one woman to handle in only 3 months and something had to give and unfortunately the only thing that isn't a "must" at this point is this blog.  I can't afford to spend time and energy stressing over not having a new project to share or worried that everyone will think I've abandoned them.  So, here I am saying that I am NOT abandoning you, I don't plan to give up blogging, but things will be a little slow around here for awhile.  Just bear with me during all of this craziness, and don't abandon me.  I'm sure I'll be posting some tidbits about the progress of everything, and maybe even a small little project here and there, and someday a few months down the road I'll be able to start sharing the transformation of a new "Farmhouse."

If you're not already a fan, be sure to "like" my Facebook page as it'll be easier for me to post updates there than it will be to blog about it.  Though I won't leave my blog readers out in the cold either, I promise.

If you're a praying person, I would covet your prayers for our family over the next few months and all of the changes we have in store for us.  Especially for the week after next as we have 30 hours round trip of driving ahead, and lots of searching to do.





  1. I just found your blog. Somehow it appeared on my sidebar and I am glad it did. Good luck on the house/job hunt. It sounds as if you made the decision on the school issue. Will be back when you post again.

  2. Oh, I'm so far behind being gone for a while...moving? What a task! Sure hope everything goes well for you...I'll be following your progress. Miss you much! Hugs, Loretta

  3. I have been where you are, and I know it is a lot! Take your time, we will be here!

  4. Take a deeeep breath..... and one day at a time. Yes, you will survive. I've taken some extended blogging breaks and really am not a consistent blogger to begin with and somehow, the readers are still there when I do post. Your blog will survive. Just keep your priorities in line and the rest will work out. I'll be praying that you find that perfect farmhouse on your southern jaunt and that it's affordable and works out that you can buy it. :)

  5. I'll be looking forward to your "new" farmhouse! :)


  6. Just sending you a hug...or three :^)
    I don't know where you are headed in Florida, but #3 son says there is a lot of stuff available and bargains to be had in the central part of the state.
    Good luck, and God bless!

  7. Stephanie - I'll miss you! I'll be anxiously awaiting each new blog post.... and news on your job search, house search, etc... Good luck on it all and even though this is stressful it must be such an exciting time for you and your family! Looking forward to your new farmhouse! Thoughts your way.... ~ Dori ~


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