Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cozy Little Kitchen Corner

Now that my lamp makeover and the vintage table makeover are done, I can show you what I decided to do with them both.

They are cozied up in the corner of my kitchen!  

Here's the scoop.  After I finished the lamp I loved it, but I couldn't decide what to do with it.  It was too bright and colorful for the living room and too big for the master bedroom.  I didn't think it was good enough quality to go in my Etsy shop, so I considered selling it on Craigslist.  But I wasn't sure what I could actually get out of it and figured I'd probably just break even on the cost I had in it.  So I mulled it over and mulled it over.  Finally, I realized it was perfect for the kitchen.  

I've always liked pictures I've seen of lamps in a kitchen, it always looks so cozy to me, but I've never had a kitchen big enough for that.  And at first I thought the same was true here.  But I quickly realized, I had this lonely little corner just begging for some attention.

This picture was taken last Fall, but I found this wire organizing thing-a-ma-bob at a yard sale for a $1.  I  had intentions of doing something cute with it here in the kitchen, but I never could figure out anything that worked.  So it just sat there.  From Fall until now.

I tried the lamp on it, but it was a no go.  So then I tried my suitcase table in that corner, but that wasn't just right either, a little too big.  I had this little table in the works for our master bedroom.  I was planning to put a layer of red over the green and have the green peeking through for a layered look.  But when I tried it in this corner with the lamp it was a perfect fit.  And the green was the perfect shade, it picked up the bits of the same colored green leaves in the floral fabric, and it was a nice balance for the brighter red and yellow of the lamp. 
 And the shelf underneath was perfect for some cookbooks.

So now I have a lamp in my kitchen.  I feel very high class.  : )

I shopped around the house/kitchen for what to put with the lamp.  The coffee can was up in the attic not being used (the lid doesn't sit flat on it and so it's in use in the living room, that's why the can is upside down), and the pitcher was up in my cabinets not being used either.  

And here's where we play a little game of "I Spy."  

Can you find these flowers.....

And this cute little rooster....

In this picture?

This was taken a few months before my blogging days began, so it's the best I've got.

That's right!  The flowers were on top of the fridge and the rooster was up high in the corner above the cabinets.  I'm not too worried about filling that nook up high, but I do need to come up with something else for the top of the fridge now.

So, after months and months of seeing this...

It looks SO cozy and pretty to walk in and see this.

And here I zoomed out a little so you can see the whole corner area.  That old feed sack is not only cute, it's actually quite functional.  It's hiding a very unsightly and very large electrical box.

I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my kitchen.  

Come back soon for more changes happening soon here at the "farmhouse."


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  1. Very cute, Stephanie! It's perfect. :)

  2. I love your cozy little corner! And I fell in love with your table the other day, too! :-)

  3. It's so cozy & there is a much higher level of satisfaction when the whole idea was yours!

  4. To so cute and cozy....the little green table is perfect! Jane

  5. Love it and love the colors.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Such a cute way to dress up that corner! I need you to come decorate my house... :) I really like the green table with all of the red accents- great combo!!!

  7. That is the prefect table and vignette for that corner. So cute and cozy!

  8. Sorry, I meant perfect not prefect!

  9. It's very cozy! You're giving me ideas now... :)

  10. I love that! At first, I couldn't figure out which corner you had chosen. Then I saw the back door. What a perfect fit!


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